Wondering if an upgrade IS an upgrade. Project S2 Pre Box

Roon Core Machine

Intel Celeron CPU J900 1,99 Ghz 4 Gb RAN

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Through standard router provided by Internet Supplier

Connected Audio Devices

from Room Core to Squeezebox Duet and Squeezebox Touch

from Duet to a self-powered speakers (no amplifier)
from Touch by RCA to amplifier (Touch is working as DAC)

Number of Tracks in Library

8.500 tracks

Description of Issue


I am a back nebbie to Tidal… 2nd time trying and now more convinced :slight_smile:

I am considering to add a DAC to my equipment for using on the main equipment (Touch) and I was considering about the Project S2 Pre Box, which is Roon Ready

All the information I have gathered seems to me that this equipment (proJect) needs the software Roon Bridge to be managed by ROON Server

Does the Touch and its capabilities be the Bridge I need to manage the Project S2 Pre Box?

Else, I understand the Project S2 Pre Box would work as DAC but not “seen” and/or “managed” by ROON Server

Thank you for your support and help

Hi @Jose_Alconchel, you have a few options here for the Pre-Box:

  • Connect it directly to your Core machine via USB
  • Connect it to a Windows or macOS remote that you’re using
  • Use a bridge device / Roon Bridge

Any of those should allow it to be seen by your Core machine.

hi, Dylan

You helped me a lot last time I was using Roon, happy to see you again

My actual setup does not allow me to connect directly to Core machine and simply does want to avoid another stuff on the chain (from Core to Windows machine and then to Pre Box)

So, as per your answer no chance to see S2 Pre Box if simply plugged to the SQ Touch (I was wondering if Touch can be the bridge device)

Hi @Jose_Alconchel, I’m happy to see you back using Roon :slight_smile:

I’ve never used a Squeezebox Touch myself, but taking a look at the manual:

The back of Squeezebox Touch has both analog stereo (the red and white RCA jacks) and digital (coaxial or optical) jacks.

You can output your music from Squeezebox Touch to a stereo system, high-end AV (audio/video) Receiver, portable stereo system, or a pair of PC speakers. Any stereo or set of speakers that has an auxiliary input jack should work.

You can also plug headphones into the headphone jack in the back of your Squeezebox Touch.

And checking the Pro-Ject’s specifications:

Digital inputs 1x USB (B), 1x Co-axial (RCA), 1x Optical (TOSLink)

So it looks like you should be able to connect the Pre Box to the Squeezebox okay. The Squeezebox would be the endpoint in Roon and you’d just configure that to play to the Pre Box.

One thing I didn’t mention in my last post:

If you’re referring to the Pro-Ject Pre Box DS2 Digital, this is Roon Tested, not Roon Ready. Roon Ready devices can be streamed to over the network. The Stream Box S2 Ultra from Pro-Ject is a Roon Ready bridge, if that’s what you were looking for instead.

You can read more about the different certified Pro-Ject devices here:


Flawless answer!

many thanks

As ALWAYS from Dylan!
Kind and professional.

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