Won't play, confusing list of albums

Roon does not yet work. I enabled my Mytec DAC within Roon, but Roon still won’t play. The DAC works fine with Foobar and my Tidal app.

Under Albums, Roon has a confusing blend of albums I have never owned or listened to, some I do own, and some from Tidal that I have listened to, others that I have not. Is there a way to have it just show music on my hard drive when that is what I want?

That’s odd, under Albums, it just shows albums in my Libraray or those I’ve added from Tidal. Have you set Tidal to kick start your collection? Easily done.
So, In albums. Select Focus then format. Select Tidal and the change the plus to Minus. That’s Tidal excluded.

Welcome Walter !

Flagging for @mike. May be a Collections issue.

When initially installing Roon there is an option screen to select Collections from Tidal (Tidal Essentials) which will be added to your library. Sometimes people do that inadvertently or just find that they prefer to delete the Collections. There are instructions how to do so here.

The Roon User Guide provides an easy introduction to Roon, The Setting Up Audio section is a good place to troubleshoot. Try enabling Exclusive Mode.

Check back here again if you continue to strike issues.

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Thanks for the feedback. I reloaded the Roon software, and now it plays. Yeah! The problem with the Albums seems to be that Tidal assigned a mess of Albums to me I never designated a preference for (or in some cases ever heard). Within Tidal I set up some personal playlists. They don’t show up under playlists in Roon. Is there a way to accss those via Roon, or do I have to recreate them in Roon?

You have to set the playlists that you want to appear in Roon as “Favorites” (click the star). Then they will appear in your Roon playlists. It may take a few minutes before this happens.

See also the User Guide.