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I just downloaded Roon and when I try to run it, it gives me a fatal error message because my graphics set-up isn’t up to the minimum OpenGL-3 standard. I have an older PC machine, with an AMD 2.7 Ghz dual-core processor and 4 GB of RAM. I also have a very small music library of only 500-600 albums, so, I’m pretty sure that the older graphics chip is the only thing holding me back from running the software. I assume that I can solve this problem by adding an up-to-date iPAD to operate as a remote. If I do so, will Roon run with the iPAD App as long as I keep my monitor off?

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You will want to run Roonserver (a ‘headless’ version of Roon) on your PC. It runs as a background task and does not have the demands ‘full Roon’ has in the graphics department.

You can use your iPad for configuring Roon and selecting music.

More about Roonserver (including download links) here.

Hi Frank,

You would have to uninstall Roon (which has a local GUI) and install RoonServer (which is headless).
With RoonServer running, you then configure and control via a RoonRemote running on another device which could be iPad Air2.

Have a read of the How do I move my Library over to RoonServer topic.

Many thanks, Rene and Carl. That’s very helpful.
I’ve removed the regular Roon and downloaded Roonserver.

My next step will be to try it with a tablet…

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