Word "FLAC" in search crashes Roon

Did it five times in a row. Typed in FLAC in search and Roon immediately crashed. On latest build.

Hey Chris,

Which OS did this happen?

No problem on iPad and MacOS.

Cheers, Greg

OSX 10.12.13 Mac Mini

10.12.3 not 13

Hi Chris,

I just updated my Mac Mini to Sierra 10.12.3 and still can’t reproduce the issue.

I’m running Roon Server on the Mini and Roon as a Remote on the same machine. Also, iPad is fine as well. (The only difference is I’m running build 206 alpha, but that shouldn’t matter…probably).

Are you running Roon or Roon Server? I assume you’re using the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen and not a filter.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg - I’m running Roon. The Mac Mini (headless) is in a rack and I use an iMac or Mac Book Pro with Menulet screen sharing for control. I am using the magnifying glass.

As a third data point, I’m not repro’ing this on macOS 10.12.3 using roon server and remote 1.3 (build 208).

db index corruption?

@vova (I am including @vova and as he/she helped me and may identify the issue with you quicker that way)

I have been having problems with random word searching (causing crashing) and reported it to ROON support.

I type in, for example Rolling Stones or Moby, and it crashes (ie just stops/shuts down after hitting enter etc)

Now… after investigation, the Dev team told me it’s apparently to do with some bad characters in the files being sought - the last word was that it was square brackets [ … ] causing the issue. Anyhow this has not been definitely confirmed, but the +ve news is that I received another message from Brian (“Roon Designer”) who informed me that the problem had been resolved and it would be implemented for the next build update.

I have asked when the next build may be released and not received a reply.

I sincerely hope this helps, as it was a frustrating one for me :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

As David mentioned, there seems to be a fix coming in the next release. I’m not sure if it will correct your issue, but you may want to try it and see if it helps.

While you wait, I have a question. Is there a reason you are using screen sharing to access your Mac Mini headless Roon Server? Why not install Roon as a remote on the iMac and Pro and connect to your Mac Mini core? I’m sure you’d get a much better experience than with sharing.

Just thought I would ask.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

Hadn’t explored that option but I will. Been used to doing it that way so didn’t know I could do that. Thanks!

Hey - That works great! I had been using AirFoil but it’s a bit of pain with the Midi set up on the mac mini when I want to listen at the Receiver where the mac sits.

Using a firefly DAC at the iMac. Sounds pretty good.

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Hey Chris,

Could you try the “Flac” search on the Roon remote computer and see if it crashes?

Cheers, Greg

Boom. Yep. Crashed. Nat King Cole does it too.

Ok, thanks.

Check after the next build and let us know if the issue is resolved to not.

Cheers, Greg

sounds exactly like my problem Chris.

Try checking for sq brackets in the fields/files and removing them for the more obscure occurances. You couldn’t do it for flac, as there’s probably hundreds of instances.

Hi David - It crashes on some, not others. No patience to go through the library at this point. It’s clean and organized by Artist. Lot’s of work and yes, there are some brackets for compilation sets/albums. Roon will hopefully ignore that in a future release.

Hey @Chris_Lischy – this sounds like a crash on the remote machine, correct? If so, can you grab some logs off that machine for us?

Instructions are here. Thanks!

Yes sure, Chris, no problem. Let’s hope they release the update soon. It’s a bit of PIA playing the “crash lottery” whenever using the search function :slight_smile:

An update went live earlier today. Are you still seeing this issue? I know we fixed something similar.

If you’re still seeing this, please follow the instructions for sending logs I posted above. Thanks!

@mike @Chris_Lischy

Just noticed it, lol.

YES it’s working.

My key “tester” was Rolling Stones, in my case.

It’s certainly not crashing any longer.

I will keep checking and let you guys know if it happens again, but all GOOD for now :slight_smile: