Work Core machines having trouble connecting to TIDAL

I updated my home core yesterday and it was ok.
But after I updated 2 roon cores in my company today, both are showing the exactly same login error message, Missing Method.
One in my home is SGM EVO from Taiko Audio, and the cores in my company are SGM EVO and SGM EXTREME. Each cores have its own tidal account. Network configuration are almost same but the internet provider.

Hi @Jungwoo_Han,

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What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear, both at home and at work?

Is there any change in behavior if you try to reboot the Cores?

What kind of operating system are these Cores running? Do you by any chance have access to the Roon logs folder on them? You can use these instructions to try and locate the logs, I would be interested in seeing what they indicate, so if you can find them please upload a copy of the logs to Dropbox / Google Drive and post a link here.

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