Works do not work

The logic for works needs rethinking. I have read your description of how you handle the concept for non-classical material, but it doesn’t work. Just one example I just came across: I have two albums with Benny Andersson’s Orchestra (former ABBA guy). They show up under Artist. But Benny is also the composer of Kristina, a Broadway show. Kristina shows up under another artist (orchestra and conductor). So I looked at Benny the artist, Kristina does not show up under Appearances of course. So I click on Composer, and there it is, under Works. All correct.

But Kristina the play is hidden among dozens of other works, each of which is a single song from the other albums, almost all of which have a single performance. This is not useful: an important work disappearing among the noise of individual songs.

And I think your description of Works described some other logic…

To Roon’s credit, Kristina shows up as one work and not as two CDs like in other systems.

The work concept is great. Just the interpretation of the concept for regular pop-rock-jazz albums that has an issue.