Would it not be better to have just one “what are you listening to…” music thread?

I know we all love our compartmentalisations but sometimes I listen to Jazz, sometimes classical, mainly rock/pop, the odd Canadian artist and loads of Irish artists.

In the interest of music discovery I feel it would be best just to have one “listening/ rocking’ music thread.

Van Morrison, Neil Young, Aphex Twin, Chxmist, Pavarotti, The Fall, The Chieftan’s, Anda Gaza, Diana Ross….

Let’s all dance together rather than put our music in boxes, categorised and stratified.

What do you think?

Just one music thread for all music lovers?



In all honesty…no.
There are so many quite different styles and niches amongst the music lovers here that I truly don’t think a single thread is the right answer.
Obviously ymmv.
Plus…it would likely collapse under its own weight before a month was out!:innocent:


So just add to the monthly “what are we listening to…” thread, and ignore all the others?

Just to expand a little on my thoughts on this (after coffee…lol)

The “niche” threads like Metal ,Blues, Jazz etc all have a loyal staunch following with a lot of interaction that would I feel get lost or diluted in an all encompassing general music thread.
Which I think is one of the reasons these sub category threads were created to start with.

Then there is the Rocking thread which is a lot more broad reaching and forgiving but also doubles as the local dive bar/pub/comedy central haunt for Roon.
Certainly some of the posting in there would get lost or even be unwelcome in the listening thread.

Then we have what MQA listening thread…but I aint even going there :innocent:

There is I feel a place and good reason for the music threads the way they are right now and I think it is working very well for the most part but of course these are just my opinions.


I will. I like to keep them separate for what “mood” I’m in. When I’m listening to Jazz I’ll catch up on the Jazz thread. When I’m in a rocking mood, same thing. I especially like the soundtracks and Canada threads because, to me, they are even more granular. I care Zero about the MQA because I don’t stream. All my music is “mine” locally from CD rips. So I have no need/desire to look into a hodgepodge of music types mixed together just related by the delivery format…which happens to be lossy. If that is your thing great. I’m not looking for any debate there. Whatever gets your toes tapping.

Pah! ………….

Would be lost without the rocking thread. I get in less trouble there.


Exactly one of my points…
It’s a great place for the reprobates amongst us😇

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I like the different threads.
Yes I typically dump all my stuff into the what am I listening to. But that’s because I’m lazy.

But I do like wanting something in R&B or Metal and get suggestions there.

I’m adaptable, but I do like the split out topics and the banter they often contain.

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Pollute the Jazz thread with contributions from the unwashed?

Couldn’t disagree more with the OP’s idea.


Wasn’t that how it was originally. The split was because it was getting unwieldy

My memory could be failing me

I think it was already diversified but then Roon wanted to split down the BIG threads like the listening one and rock one etc to ease the burden on the servers.
Too many photos meaning the servers were doing a lot of “heavy lifting” anytime anyone accessed the massive threads.

Or feel contaminated by inadvertently mixing with jazz. Shudders.