Would really like Roon to be able to random select an album from my library for me

Maybe I am missing this function and if so please chime in to help me use it!

I see the shuffle function but all this does is play random tracks from my collection, not what I want.

I really would love Roon to just be able to suggest an album from my 5000+ collection as there are tons of great albums in there that I have simply forgotten about. My library is a mix of Qobuz and my own ripped cd on a hard drive connected to my R.O.C.K.

The code cannot be that hard, Discogs has this feature so why not Roon?

So to summarize…

1/ If Roon does have a random ALBUM selection feature can somebody please enlighten me.

2/ If not…well why the heck not Roon!!!

Thank you and stay safe!


Hi Kevin,

I use the discover tab for this.
Not exactly what you are asking for, but a close approximation.

Every time you open this section, it gives you a new set of album’s and genre’s. If you don’t like what’s there, open another screen and go back again.
Works well for me and regularly find album’s that I have not listened to in ages.


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Many thanks for this information.
You are correct, not exactly what I was thinking of but I just tried it and yes there was stuff there I did even know I had! Lol.
Will give it a trial out over the next few weeks.
Again thank you and Happy New Year!


Kevin the more I use this feature there more music I find that I haven’t listened to in ages. It would be great to have a couple of configurable options so you can just choose Album’s or genre’s or anything else you need.

Hopefully it works well for you too.
Have a great new year yourself.



Seems such a no-brainer, been asked for several times IIIC.

Maybe 1.8 will have this worthwhile addition.



Totally agree John.
Such a simple little aspect that I am sure the vast majority of users would truly appreciate.
The Discover function is ok but it does show me quite a few things that are not relevant.
Like for an artist…when I click on that it just goes to that artist bio and NOT to the albums of theirs in my collection.

Have to use it a bit more but the random album selection ala DISCOGS is just SO simple…

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Plus, neither the Discover tab nor the shuffle function seem to be truly random. They seem to prefer albums with more database info available. While I can understand this for the Discover feature, I find this strange for the shuffle function.


I hate the discover function. it’s alway full of … single tracks, or labels, or…
and it’s not random at all. every time i refresh, i can say that 1/3 of suggestions are repeated.

something that you may like:
in roon extensions, there’s Random Radio. this extension selects (while you are playning music and the playlist ends) a random album (or track depending on your settings).
it’s an extension, not completely integrated. and it’s not perfect: for example, you cannot skip the album choice if you don’t like it. you have then to manually choose one.

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All great comments and suggestions .

I do just wish that Roon made this VERY simple function in a future update though.

Can but hope…


Ref your comment “[quote=“Niccolo_Terzi, post:8, topic:134655”]
that 1/3 of suggestions are repeated.

I find for me it’s more like 60%-80%, as if it’s running out of ideas!

On another thread am trying to understand how Roons algorithm works, apparently it’s called Valence AI.


Maybe a last played field that could be used to sort your album collection in oldest to newest order? Not at all random, but it would help one find albums that are getting overlooked?

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If you dont like an album selected by Random Radio, just erase all current tracks from your queue (including the one playing). This will trigger Random Radio again immediately, no need to do anything else.

Random Radio is a fantastic extension that I cannot recommend enough.


I am not truly interested in random radio.
I really would love to see random selection of MY library, nothing else as per my topic.
I have zero qualms with the radio function tbh, it works well but not what I am requesting.

I second this request. Would be great.

Also, I would like to play the list of tracks in the tracks section from top to bottom, not just shuffle. Also, a very basic Feature. Thanks.

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Random Radio picks from your library and from nothing else. Random Radio is not the same as Roon Radio.

Where do I find random radio function then as that sounds exactly what I want

I use the Random Radio all the time, as I love revisiting my own library of albums. Once installed, it can be enabled/disabled anytime as you wish for any zone you desire. When enabled, it stays enabled and therefore is always ready to queue a random album for you automatically when there is nothing to be played in the queue.

It basically works like Roon Radio, except only for your library and you have an option to select that either full albums or just tracks are randomly queued for you.

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sounds perfect apart from one tiny little detail which screws it up for me!
I am running R.O.C.K and as per the developer it does not run on this.

So with the fact that someone can make it work via extension surely Roon could make the effort!
I mean we do pay $120 a year or $700 lifetime.
I truly do not think it is too much too ask for Roon to implement this extremely simple but very desirable feature.


I total agree. This was something I asked for several years ago. I too have a large library with long forgotten albums and it would be great to be able to randomly access them. Hope to see this function soon