Would the sound quality on a NUC with Rock be as good as on a Nucleus or an Innuos?

Yes, they do, but not once you’ve transplanted the motherboard into a fanless case - and that was the configuration I was considering.

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BTW - Did you notice how Inside-Tech is now marketing, in what I assume is a Roon sanctioned way, the ROCK software.

And they do point out that they are only allowed to ship an empty USB stick to stay within licensing terms. I would say that’s within the letter of the law… But then, I’m not a lawyer…

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fanless is important as it is in the same room and near the areas where I listen. Atm I am getting a lot of noise from the QNAP.

Noise from a NAS is much more than anything you will get from a NUC, but as you say. :slightly_smiling_face:

No scope to relocate all the computing kit away from where you listen? It can make things much easier, but obviously depends on your use case…

the issue is that I am running ethernet into my nas streamer - so it needs to be near the router which is in the same room. The nas is connected to the ethernet as well.

as I understand it I will need to connect the nuc to the streamer via ethernet, so will have to be in the same room ?

Usually, routers are tucked away in a cupboard along with the electricity and gas meters, because that’s where the line from the telephone company enters the house. I take it that’s not your situation?

nope. the sockets are in the living room where the router is which then connects to a Cisco switch (as the router is right the other side of the room from the hi if and then ethernet from the Cisco switcher into the streamer and the nas.

Bother. I guess you could hide anything with a fan behind the sofa…

(Unless you could conveniently drop a wired connection into another room; but maybe that’s starting to get too much of a faff. My core and NAS are wired to the router in another room (lucky… ), but my streamer is on wireless)

Yes, that is I do, hide it away behind the sofa.

A fanless server will help a lot.
Streamer - was advised by my dealer that the sound from wired connection via the ethernet was optimal - so have gone with this.

Ah. That gets argued endlessly…

My take is that the designer of the streamer knows what he needs to do to mitigate any possible effects of having a radio transceiver in the box, but has no control over what the end user might plug into the RJ45 socket on the back. And if wireless works reliably (I’m not arguing that it always will… ) it neatly sidesteps any angst about whether you need fibre optic isolation or an etherregen…

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See, if you can hear the NAS from where it is now, then a fanless server isn’t going to do anything that a NUC won’t do.

The fan the NUC is (to many ears) dead quiet, so your NAS would override that silence anyway.

I’m out. Have a good life. :sunglasses:

@Slim_Fishguttz. I am not going to use the NAS once I have the server set up and I will be moving it right out of this room. I will transfer all my music onto the SSD.
but I will look at the nuc options as well as the fanless ones…

No - you won’t, if you mean the M.2 SSD where the Roon OS and Roon are installed. You need a second 2.5" drive (SSD or HDD, it really doesn’t matter for the performance of music files) to hold your music.

Frankly, I can’t hear the 2.5" HDD in my fanless Roon NUC, but if you really want to have an acoustically silent drive (and max out your storage to up to 8TB), then go for an SSD.

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@Geoff_Coupe I get that but for example, the inside tech one allows you to put in a second 1 tb ssd and that is where I save my music collection, migrating if from the noisy NAS.

If I feel confident about putting it together I could go for something like your fanless Roon NUC with an HDD. what parts do I need/would you recommend for it, where do I get them ?

If it’s practicable to relocate the NAS, it there anything stopping you from putting the core computer you decide next to it?

@AndyR atm the core is on my Mac which I use for other purposes and moves around the house with me…

it only practical to move the NAS, once I have a replacement for it and have migrated the music from the nas to the server (with the additional 1 tb hard disk - see above.

I think we might be misunderstanding each other…

Without making any judgement about whether an ssd/hdd local to your (eventual) core computer might give a better experience to music remaining on the NAS… so long as core, NAS, and endpoint(s) are all on the same subnet, all should work fine irrespective of where they physically sit.

here are my reasons.

  1. the NAS is very noisy - intrusively so. so I want to a quieter solution. at moment it interferes with enjoyment of the music
  2. having all the music on the server simplifies es things. one box instead of two (no nas required)
  3. by moving things of my laptop I take the pressure of that machine which I use for other things.
  4. a wired ethernet solution for the core which I will have have on the server is meant to be better for Roon than to the connecting using the Mac wirelessly.