Wrong Audio Device

Core Machine

My core machine is the Zenith MK II music player. I don’t know anything aqbout its CPU or RAM. I know that it is equipped with a 2TB SSD.

Network Details

I have a LAN with a Bluecurve Gateway XB6 WiFi modem

Audio Devices

My Zenith MK II music player has a USB connection to the Lyndorf TDAI-2170 digital amplifier.

Library Size

I have over 46,000 tracks

Description of Issue


The music player in my stereo system is the Zenith MK II with a 2TB disk. This is where my Roon Core is. Somehow I accidently selected my iPad as my audio device. I don’t want to listen to music on my iPad.

How can I undo that choice and go back to Roon Core?

Hi John, welcome to the forum!
This link about zone settings in Roon’s knowlwdgebase should help you to get back to the correct audio zone.
I strongly recommend browsing the knowledgebase some more to become accustomed with settings and possibilities.

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