Wrong IP address shown in Settings/audio for Airplay device

Roon Core Machine

Windows server 2019

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Apple AirPort Extremeand 2x AirPort Express

Connected Audio Devices

Airplay through AirPort express

Number of Tracks in Library

74.000 tracks

Description of Issue

I added an AirPort express to play through AirPlay and the audio jack on the AirPort express. It works.

However, in settings/audio, under Roon tested, the wrong ip address is listed in the device box (via AirPlay, That Ip address is wrong.

Regards Bert

If you see a 169.254. x.x address, it means that the DHCP server is not reachable .

You may need to login to your main router/DHCP server to get the AirPort a proper IP address.

The AirPort has a proper IP address. So that is not the reason. I rebooted the AirPort express and shortly after the rebooten, Roon displayed the correct IP. After say 10 seconds it shows the wrong IP address again.

Regards Bert

Is your Airport Express set to create a new network or extend an existing network?

It is setup to create a new network. It is a first generation Airport Express located in my study.

In addition to my Airport Extreme, which is connected to my router and is located in my living room, my network also includes a second generation Airport Express. This device is located in my kitchen and also exhibits this behaviour. It is setup exactly the same.

Both AirPort expresses are connected to the AirPort extreme via network cables.

Roon recognises the first generation AirPort as a roon tested device and uses the AirPort Express box picture (albeit that a first generation has a different shape but than I am being picky).

The second generation AirPort Express, which has the actual box shape, is only recognised as a “other network device” and the speaker box symbol is being used.

Btw, when I restart one of my AirPort expresses, Roon adds a second device for the restarted device, so that it lists two devices that are actually the same. I can tell because the same ip addresses are being displayed.

Regards Bert

The Airport Expresses need to be set to extend an existing network, otherwise they are creating a conflict with Roon where everything needs to be on the same network using the same aaa.bbb.ccc.xxx addressing scheme, where the aaa.bbb.ccc is identical across all devices connected to Roon.

Ok, thanks.

I experimented by setting one of the AirPort express to “entend the network”. What it does is, it connects with the AirPort Extreme through WiFi rather than the network cable. The AirPort Utility shows a dashed line instead of a solid line between the AirPorts.

That is not what I desire.

It also did not change the Roon behaviour. I restarted Roon server and no change in the behaviour that I reported.


The should be able to connect together via an Ethernet cable to ensure the best connection. Here are the guidelines from Apple on how to do so:

From your screenshots above the euken Airport Express is not getting an IP address on your LAN (the LAN addresses all start with 192.168.2.xxx). What happens if you remove the Keuken Airport Express from your network, at least temporarily?

I studied the info you send. My configuration is a so called roaming network. Not an extended network.

In an extended network the stations communicate through WiFi. In a roaming network through the network cable, which is the prefered way. So my network is configured correctly (and has been working correctly single many, many years).

All device in my network have the same IP-range/subnet (192.168.2.x). Also, the AirPort express that Roon lists with an incorrect IP-address.

So rather to focus on my network configuration, I propositie to focus on the Roon server that apparently lists the wrong ip address.

It is a minor issue, as everything works properly. So, streaming to the AirPort Express with the wrong listed IP address in Roon, works.


Silly question maybe but have you rebooted everything including the Roon Core since this started occuring?

@bert_klaasen - The 169.254… IP configuration happens when devices do not have a manually configured address or when they are not told which address to use by a service on the network. They are commonly called the “link local” addresses."

If you are having issues, I would start by upgrading the routers you have from Apple Airports to a consumer-grade router as we have sometimes seen issues surrounding Apple Networking gear.

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