Wrong number of Tidal favorite albums in Roon

I’ve got an error in Tidal: “Cannot have more than 10000 favorites”. But Roon shows me just 9424. Where’s another 576?

Most likely, that’s because you have multiple versions of some albums which are grouped under the Versions tab in the album view.

For instance, in my collection Astral Weeks is counted once yet there are three versions: my local copy, a 16/44 version and an MQA version. This is counted once in Roon.

In contrast, where different releases aren’t grouped each is counted by Roon.

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Thanks! I’ll try to investigate. :slight_smile:

Hi Alexander,

What does it show if you Focus on Tidal and also Inspector > Hidden? Does it show 576?

Cheers, Greg

No. It shows nothing. “Try removing some Focus criteria”.
Also there’s “Yes” in General settings for “Show hidden tracks and albums”.

Interesting. What if you go to Tidal Browser and click Your Favourites. How many Artists and Tracks do you have?

Cheers, Greg

Two artists and zero tracks. And I don’t know how to see in Tidal total number of albums.

I believe you’re accurate with the total number of albums you Focused on in your first post. Especially when you had Show Hidden set to Yes.

The only other thing would be Playlists. I’m not sure whether Tidal counts a favourite Playlist as one or the number of individual tracks.

Do you have any Tidal Playlists? If just a few, can you give a total of all the tracks?

Very few users have hit the 10,000 mark in Tidal, so I think everybody’s learning. If we can’t figure it out, we can call on Support.

Cheers, Greg

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According to Roon the number of Tidal tracks is 109370. And I have 50 Tidal playlists with 3788 tracks.

The 50 Playlists may add to the total, but that still doesn’t add up to 10,000.

I’ll tag @support and move the thread to Support. We’ll see if there’s anything we missed.

So, to summarize, Tidal has indicated you’ve hit the 10,000 favourites. Roon shows 9,424 Tidal albums (Hiddens shown), 2 Artists favourited, 0 Tracks and 50 Tidal Playlists.

It’s a holiday in the US, so there might be a delay with support help.

Cheers, Greg

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Yes. That’s all correct. Thank you!

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Hi @Alexander_Bashlaev,

Do you also get this error in the TIDAL app?

I got this error only in the TIDAL app. There’s no such error in Roon. In Roon I just can’t add more albums, they immediately disappear from the library.

Hi @Alexander_Bashlaev — Okay, thanks for clarifying.

It’s hard to say why Roon might not be showing a full 10,000 items. It’s possible that there are albums favorited that are no longer available which means they won’t show up in Roon at all, but might still show up in the TIDAL app as unavailable. This would be the most likely guess, but the only way to confirm would be to find an example of something in TIDAL that isn’t showing up in Roon and we can take a closer look at that.

Ok, a month later let’s see what I’ve discovered. You were right, the problem is in the albums that are no longer available in Tidal. But the next question was how could I find and delete such albums. I used this Tidal api to get a full list of my favorite albums (9974): https://pypi.org/project/tidalapi/

Then I exported all Tidal albums from Roon (9326). After that I have compared these two lists, have found albums that doesn’t exist in Roon, and finally I have removed all these 600 albums from favorites in Tidal via the same api.

It would be easier if I could export list of albums from Roon with Tidal id. Also to avoid such problems in the future I consider that Roon should show such albums in the library, but mark all tracks as unavailable, as you do it with some pre-release albums with one or two available tracks. And it will be convenient if you add filter option ‘Unavailable’ to the Inspector, as Duplicates, Hidden, etc.