Wrong tracks listed in Roon versus same album in Tidal

Roon Client 1.7 build 528 on MacOS 10.15.3, Roon Core 1.7 build 528 on Debian.

The album “Genetic World” (Tidal: https://desktop.tidal.com/album/87357149) by Télépopmusik is showing a completely different track layout. Screenshot of Roon the left and the Tidal client on the right.

Yo, @support, this is STILL broken months later. Not only is it the wrong track layout, starting from track four (Animal Man on the Tidal side, Smile on the Roon side) it’s playing the WRONG track and it continues through the rest of the album. I can deal with tracks in the wrong order (though that’s pretty annoying). Playing a different track from the one that’s listed is a serious dealbreaker.

Hi @Joselito_Tagarao,

We have some upcoming changes that the team is working on that will address this class of issue systematically. We can’t provide any specific timelines just yet as it is still a work in progress, but we hope to resolve issues like this soon!

Hi @Joselito_Tagarao. Please would you verify whether or not this is now fixed?

Yes, it looks and plays correctly now.

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