Wrong Wikipedia info applied to album

Roon Core Machine

NUC8i7BEH / ROCK / 16 Mb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ZYXEL Router / Netgear switch
Everything wired

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet Expert Pro 440

Number of Tracks in Library

~ 80.000 tracks

Description of Issue

When I imported “Rockingham - BJ Barham” Roon automatically (but wrongly) addresses this album as “ Rockingham - Nerf Herder” (Wikipedia) (Educated Guess?). I’m OK with Roon guessing the wrong album but how do I remove this (wrong) information permanently?

Go to the (…) menu at the top of the album page, then click Edit and change it.

If it doesn’t do what you think it should, please post screenshots

Hi Suedkiez, thanks for your swift reply but your suggestion doesn’t bring me further. I tried the “file preference” option and the “Identify album” option without succes.

Below some screenshots, if a specific one is needed feel free to ask, I’ll supply.

Sorry, I had misunderstood. You meant the review, I think, where it says “the fifth album by Nerf Herder”?

Yip the “review” I called “Information”

Got it. You can’t edit that as such. The info does not come from Rovi/TiVo in this case but from Wikipedia

If your Roon settings are configured to prefer TiVo (Rovi) over Wikipedia, then no TiVo review exists for this album and so it chooses Wikipedia, and clearly Roon is pulling in the wrong one. This seems to be a bug that Roon must address.

(If your settings don’t prefer TiVo, you could change that.)

I’d recommend editing the topic title to “Wrong Wikipedia info applied to album” or something

You copy my thoughts thank you the same

Bug? Someone entered the wrong id into Wikidata.

OK or that then

I’m consulting on the best place to fix this.

:+1: Is it generally expected that Roon users do this or something that should go into #support:metadata ?

It would be helpful if Roon users would make corrections, but we also need to provide unambiguous instructions on how to do it properly.

In this case, it turns out that there is no Wikipedia article for BJ Barham’s Rockingham, so I couldn’t correct it by adding the correct Wikidata ID to the MusicBrainz release group (which takes precedence over MusicBrainz IDs on Wikidata pages).

Instead, I deleted the incorrect (BJ Barham) MusicBrainz release group ID from the Nerf Herder Rockingham Wikidata article and added the Nerf Herder Wikidata ID to the relevant Nerf Herder MusicBrainz release group.

Simples… :roll_eyes:

Anyway, we currently process this stuff at the weekend, so it should be fixed early next week.


I guess the short version of the lesson is that if you want to correct this kind of thing you need to go to the meta data providers.

I do hope that someday Roon can have a “flag” so that general users can self-report errors (and provide suggested fixes) within the interface, and skilled/qualified (similar to the translation team structure, only genre-specific) data curators can fix them.

@joel you’re a hero, but there’s but one of you!


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