Wrongful info about upgrade of database after manual restart of Nucleus+

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus+ (Rev A) with B988

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Description of Issue

When transferring license from one device to another, I need to restart core (else it shows warning in the scan for new content). Well, this is not what my report is about. I however did a restart of Roon Server from Nucleus+ web interface. Now I got info that database update required (In Norwegian), but this message is in fact not correct - no upgrade done. I only did a restart of the server (same version of Roon Core both before and after restart of Roon Server).

I don’t think this is related Nucleus, but Roon Core (if memory serves me correct, similar stuff happens when restarting core on Windows or macOS machines post deactivate license from another device) :slight_smile:

Hey @Tor_Gunnar_Berland ,

Can you by any chance check your Nucleus logs after the issue occurs and see if there is any activity? Or if you want us to take a look, you can upload logs here immediately after the database update error finishes:


To be precise, no error shown - but it claimed to do upgrade; my guess it did some other activity on the database; I will try to find the logs from Nucleus+ and upload.

Log file uploaded! (last modified timestamp on logfile from 5 minutes after screenshot captured).

Hey @Tor_Gunnar_Berland ,

Sorry for the late response here. I looked over your log, but there was not many errors contained in them, only one error about OpenHome. Are you still seeing this error even in the newest Roon build?

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