WTB: Sonic Orbiter

Anybody have a Sonic Orbiter for sale in the USA?
It appears to be out of stock at Small Green Computer website, and I am not going to order the one from Korea.

Sorry to ask this here, but I don’t see a “Classifies” thread.


Thanks. I found it shortly I posted this. I apologize.

I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure some kind soul will move it for you…:slight_smile:

Magically moved… :wink:

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Are you looking for an original Sonic Orbiter or the Sonicorbiter SE ? I have one of the latter that I’m not currently using.

@HTTP_404 I have no idea what the difference is.

Are you US-based? How do I PM here?

Click on the circular icon of the person you want to PM and use the blue Message button in the popup:

Aha. Cool! I love the Roon boards, very cool layout and interface. I just have to get used to it.

Rene: thank you!

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