XLR male to female cables

Hello All,

Suggestions on decent XLR cables, PLease…


If DIY is at all an option you can get the exact length you want.

As I understand it; Belden Brilliance 8412 is the standard in recording studios around the world. I’m not very well versed with a soldering iron but can manage my way around these. Buy some shrink for the ends and they turn out pretty nice looking.


Neutrik Connectors are tough to beat:

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I don’t think I am DIY guy… :slight_smile: Nonetheless I appreciate your info.

Blue Jeans Cables: https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/balancedaudio/index.htm
You can spend more.


I bought these on Amazon:


They are nicely made and inexpensive.

FWIW, if you haven’t come across them I found the Bechmark application notes helpful in weighing up these options. See also this note.

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Purchased these a year ago for a CD player. Was pretty surprised at how good they sound given the modest price.

Yes. Quite similar to the BJ cables.

I’m a big fan of Audio Sensibility cables, very high quality and not outrageous prices. These are the ones I got for my Lumin T2 > Hegel H190.

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What components do you plan to connect with your new balanced interconnects, and how far apart will they be?

Hello @David_Snyder, DAC to Speakers and the speakers will be approximately 8 ft from DAC.

I’ve had good results with these:

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There are thousands of DACs and speakers. Do you mind sharing speciffically which DAC and speakers? For example, the answer may be different for a Chord Dave DAC and Dutch and Dutch 8c loudspeakers vs a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro XLR DAC and JBL 305P speakers.

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Denafris T+ DAC to Buchardt A500.

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I’d suggest contacting Jerry over at Straight Wire. He’ll make a recommendation that is perfect for this combination.


Her has never steered me wrong so far, so I’m confident you’ll be pleased with the results.

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Awesome… Thank you so very much.

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I need to connect from a Cambridge Audio CXN v2 out to the balanced inputs on a Krell KRC-3 pre-amp, connected to a KSA-300S amplifier. The CXN will be sitting directly on top of the KRC-3 preamp.

Any thoughts on appropriate interconnects to use? I was thinking no longer than 1m.