Yamaha NX-N500 endpoint

Hope this is the right place. I’ve seen a few people recommending these, is the DAC recognised as an endpoint by Roon wirelessly or do you have to use airplay? Any way round this?

Also, does anyone happen to know if they auto switch inputs when a signal is received?


It looks like Airplay is it. In order for Roon to see them directly, the speakers would have to be running the Roon code at the speaker level. If that was the case then you’d see a Roon Ready listed with the other formats. You might send Yamaha a note and ask them if they might add it in a firmware update.

You could add one of the Raspberry Pi-ish options, like Diet Pi. which would take an Ethernet input and plug into the monitor’s USB or Toslink port. I think there are WiFi variants; you might ask under the Raspberry Pi and Diet Pi sections under Audio Products, if you are interested.

I recently bought the speakers and I have a question about DoP vs native DSD.

In Audirvana, F2K and Jriver when I play a DSD file the control panel shows me the correct samplerate for the file. In A+ and Jriver I just select the Yamaha ASIO Driver and nothing else. In F2K I tweaked a little the DSD Transcoder.

But here I only see “Convert to PCM” and “DoP” options and the control panel shows me the PCM samplerate.

It’s irritating to see something like that. I don’t hear any difference but it’s something I’d like to change.

Can you provide some additional information. How is your speaker hooked up to your computer. What type of computer and the OS. What is the audio device information in Roon, Are you chosing the ASIO option? When you mention control panel, is this a software on the computer, are you referencing the Roon Signal Path? I’m guess it is an ASIO information panel.

If it is the case of a information screen on the computer, then it will show PCM because the stream is PCM leaving the computer, your speakers are extracting the embedded DSD stream. DoP is DSD encapsulated in a PCM stream, so, it should sound the same.

Sorry about the little detail but I was searching the program so my mind was absent.

I have a standard Windows PC with Win10 Technical Preview Fast Ring and I use only the USB DAC from my speakers. As I said before I select the Yamaha ASIO driver and it’s the only one available. My onboard card is disabled from BIOS a few years now. The control panel that I said is the one provided by the Yamaha ASIO Drivers.

My previous Dac was the nuforce uDAC5 and with tha same settings I had native DSD stream in Roon. Now the native option is lost and I have the two that I mentioned plus the dCS method.

It’s no big deal. I just want to know why the difference between the other programs and Roon.