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I like the SQ on the Yamaha NX-N500’s but I’ll never buy Yamaha again, what a nightmare. I don’t want to use AirPlay, MusicCast is useless and will probably never be supported.

It’s not a problem with Roon but I’m reaching out in the hope of persuading Roon to take a look at getting the USB DAC in the NX-N500’s working in Linux (link).

I have Roon working using a USB optical SPDIF (Douk U2) into the Pi running Ropieee, not ideal as I cannot get DoP working over optical and I’m limited to 24/192.

Thanks for looking.


You need to talk to Yamaha not Roon. All work comes from the manufacturer.

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Really? Must sound awful! Not defending Yamaha, their stuff sounds good but eventually breaks in my experience of three of their amplifiers.

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I have the same speakers and I don’t understand your problem.

The DAC works fine on Linux and FreeBSD. No DSD support because it needs special patches but for PCM it’s OK.

@Richard_Thornton piCorePlayer has some Audio USB tweaks. If you’re lucky one of them may fix the problem. piCorePlayer defaults to squeezelite, but it is easy to install Roon Bridge: pCP-addon/RoonBridge at main · sam0402/pCP-addon · GitHub

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