Yet another network share help thread

Trying to add a HDD connected to my modem router. Have looked through here a bit and the help page to no avail.

No idea how to enable smb and when searching in my router there is no such option.

Everything else on my network sees and plays music from this network attached drive including all free and expensive $5 software lol. The only thing that doesn’t is Roon…
Why are we still having to enter an address when everything else just sees it automatically? Seems like it would be another good addition to Roon and would make it a lot easier for everyone.

Anyways this is some info trying to find the address of my HDD and have tried a few things in Roon as well as ip address combos. This is the address according to explorer but obviously that isn’t what’s needed. This PC\TPlink\Browse Folders\sda1\All Music

If anyone can just tell me what address to write it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, my earlier post may be of help - No NAS drives Visible in Windows File Explorer

Hi @Daniel_Bunton,

You should try using the IP address of the router instead of hostname for the Network Share Location, try this: smb:// Music

I would suggest keeping your music local to the core. All music must be streamed to the Core first for processing and then out again to the Endpoints; which can increase network traffic.

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