Yggdrasll Gen 5 USB and Exclusive Mode


Hi All,

I’m not certain I 'm posting this correctly so please bear with me. I have this issue discussed elsewhere with the Gen 5 card not working in exclusive mode, but I’m not certain if there was a resolution. Other than that, the Gen 5 USB and Roon sound amazing. Works great when not in exclusive and when using Tidal or JRiver. I get the message, “Transport: Playback_Error_Endpoint_Device_Init_Failed”. I see this issue has been fixed for some with Roon updates, (but not for me running 262), and also by some returning the USB card to Schiit so not sure what to do. I sent this in as a ticket to Schiit as well.
Running a dedicated Asus PC with 64 bit Windows 10 and 16 gig of RAM. The music is stored on a NAS with about 10,000 tracks. Should I be looking at something else? Just looking for advice.
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Well I guess I have one answer, obviously I’m doing this wrong.

Hi @Don_Atwell ---- My sincere apologies for the wait here.

Moving forward, to bring you up to speed, we are doing some testing in house to try and determine the cause of this issue. This has been a bit of a slow process because we are struggling to find reproducible steps in our QA lab. If you could send us over a set of your logs using these instructions here, the additional feedback would be very appreciated!


Hi Eric,
No apologies needed and I very much appreciate your looking into this and your help. I’m not certain this isn’t an issue with the new card as folks have returned them to get ones that work fine and others seem to work after a Roon update. I’m confused!
Please find the Onedrive Link below. (I Think).


Best, Don

Hi Eric,

And a year later, the answer was a firmware update was needed for the new Gen 5 USB card. Why others did not have this issue is unknown, but when my unit went back for another update I asked them to look at the problem and now it works fine in exclusive mode. I wanted to let you know we found out what the problem was. Thanks again for all your help in trying to sort this out.

Best, Don

FYI to all: Eric & his peeps spent a lot of time trying to help me with this. Their support was top shelf in every regard and much appreciated.

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