You guys remember when Audirvana switched up pricing?

Thats valid point. I remember with Audirvana had similar case. I was basically lifetime there by buying license one time and you were sorted. Then all the sudden came new version 2.0 and it went to monthly sub to be able to get new updates. I tried 30 days for free and never used audirvana ever again.

This is possible case IF Roon doesnt promise they will never drop lifetime or with major update version ask all to start paying monthly again.

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Audirvana still supports all lifetime licenses for Audirvana 3.5. Audirvana introduced Audirvana Studio as a monthly or annual subscription service. It had nothing to do with Audirvana Studio version 2.0 that just came out and is still a subscription service. Your lifetime license to Audirvana 3.5 is still valid.

When was Audirvana 3.5 last patched?

I too have it, but bit rot is real as are the security risks they bring.

I ask because they may have actually patched it. I’m not following them.

Lets not fool people here. They are not updating old 3.5 and moved to 2.x that they keep developing. I bought lifetime and then few months later they stopped the development for 3.5 and you were stuck forever for that old version unless moved to 2.0
After that i’m very careful who i pay upfront lifetimes. Plex is only one i trust and use a lot to have lifetime.

Again, it had nothing to do with 2.0 that just came out. Audirvana Studio 1.0 is when they went to monthly and annual subscription. Audirvana 3.5 is still supported but not longer advanced.

EDIT: Audirvana 3.5.51 is the latest version. I don’t know when it came out.

Yes 1.0 as actually studio but point is same. 3.5 is old and people bought expensive license there. Lifetime is based on trust that company doesnt create new version in future lets say Roon 3.0 that has new features and drop lifetime also. We dont know things may change.

“Audirvana 3.5.51 is the latest version.” That came out september 2021. Same time they released studio 1.0

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We just jumped from a 1.X to a 2.X release with no licensing issues I am aware of. My hope would be 2.X → 3.X would again be covered by lifetime, but things change.

No they dont update at all. They sent letter asking all to move to studio that is monthly sub only. Thats a point people have to be careful. Lifetimes can change if company sees so.

I paid $96 for lifetime Audirvana 3.5, hardly expensive. They never asked me to move to Audirvana Studio, but I did purchase year one for $50. I just purchased a second year for $70 as a fallback for Roon if my internet goes out. I also use Audirvana on my laptop when away from home so I can keep my Roon Nucleus activated for Roon ARC. I rarely use Audirvana 3.5 only because I don’t like how it sorts Qobuz albums.

I’m hoping Roon will solve the “Roon dilemma” so I don’t need to use Audirvana when away from home.

You are missing the point here other user said about lifetime and i made example to be aware it has happened. Cost is subjective. I payed almost 100€ and got few months out if it. I dont use music software that is not updated regularly.

Thank you @jamie :slight_smile:

No, I get your point. I just like to set the record straight when someone post incorrect information. Your point is valid. I got about 3 months use out of Audirvana 3.5 for $96.

Thanks @MamaTried, I didn’t want to delete your conversation but knew someone would flag it off-topic :+1:t2:

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Perhaps this addresses your concern?


I agree with you, it is what I have done, I value the price of roon for my needs, and I do not see that its value is €700, although they say that I should run to contract for life, which in January is €830, I will not. do for now, unless you see that audirvana is so bad that it is worth paying double

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