Your Album of the Year (2018)

(Andrew Cox) #63

Can I vote for Charles Lloyd twice ? What an amazing album.

(Jon Parsons) #64

Thanks Andybob. I knew nothing about Eat the Elephant, but 1 and a bit tracks in and I’m hooked.

(Tim Rhodes) #65

This is a bit of a departure for me, and it took a while but now I see the beauty of this album…

(Mark) #66

I am massive Low fan.


(Daniel Beyer) #68

Have seen them several times, both in DC and Seattle.

(Tamás Bánfi) #69


(Phil Jeremiah) #70

Definitely in my top 5 :smiley:

(Philip Murray) #71

RE: David August - thanks. Great suggestion. Evocative, haunting with great imagery, almost Floyd-like. I love the way it metamorphoses from light to dark and even black and white to colour and all shades in between (and then back again). Looking forward to playing it VERY loud at my New Year’s Eve party when I will get everybody listening to it on headphones. Will be surreal as we usher in the New Year. Shame it isn’t MQA but probably safer otherwise some heads might have exploded! Happy holidays.

(Philip Murray) #72

re: Doug Paisley - he sounds just like somebody else but I can’t think who. One of the Buckleys, Gordon Lightfoot?? Could somebody put me out of my misery otherwise I won’t be be able to stop thinking about it. BTW is he left-handed or was the picture taken in a mirror?

(Philip Murray) #73

Re: Low. Help, the needle has stuck on the first track! Does anybody else have this problem or it is my setup? Thanks.

(Mark) #74

Are you referring to the distortion? The distortion is intentional, on the recording.

(Philip Murray) #75

Oh :disappointed: Are you sure? Was thinking about replacing my original Soundsticks with KEF LSX, perhaps I don’t need to now if it was on the record. I thought the needle was sticking throughout the whole track. On the other hand must be pretty impressive production to make it deliberately sound like that - it certainly fooled me.

(Tim Rhodes) #76

It is challenging to listen to for sure, at least the first few times. I nearly gave up but I’m glad I didnt. It creeps into your head…

(Boris Udovicic) #77


Dark Doom Metal Jazz…

(Richard van Enteren) #79

(Jared Devers) #80

(Kim ) #81

Great album at home or on a road trip

(Alan Wenbourne) #82

Is it musical?