Your Album of the Year (2018)


Outside my listening norms, but I loved this album. Her vocals remind me of lost in space era Aimee Mann.



(Philip Murray) #85

Quite a nice album, but it sounds a bit muffled and I haven’t even had a Xmas drink yet!

(Michel Timmermans) #86


(Kim ) #87

This one keeps growing on me.

(Jim Serenbetz) #88

Joan Baez: Whistle Down the Wind

(Andrew Cox) #89

Absolutely, quite beautiful really. It’s not Death Metal or anything like that. Melodic and spacious. Listen to it.

(Andrew Cox) #90

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(Andrew Cox) #91

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(Ville-Veikko Räty) #92


I settled for this one. Not easy to decide just one record but this one I have propably listened to most.

(Michael Carter) #93


Not sure if it’s my AotY but this very recent release is getting a lot of play at my house…

(sander) #95

So many good finds in this thread, thanks! My favourite 2018 release is probably Agnes Obel’s Late Night Tales, but although that was released this year, most of the music she picked is quite a bit older. So decided to share my discovery for this year: Khruangbin

(Harry ten Berge) #96

TPT deserves a bigger audience. Great album!


(Andrew Cox) #97

Released in 2018 is fine. Because that lets me post this. I’m not a huge Prince fan, but in 1983 he sat at a piano and played into a cassette recorder, amazing:

(Mike Cryer) #98

I’m happy to add three here that haven’t already been mentioned. The Eric Bibb a wonderfully intimate album, Earthtones wire the songs into your brain and the Hannah Saunders just sublime.

(Dirk De Taey) #99

Thanks for putting this forward as your album of 2018.
I did not know Shawn Mullins at all, but what a great album this is!


P.S. What other album of Shawn would you recommend?



(Andrew Krafthefer) #101

(Jared) #102

In the spirit of not repeating what others have submitted, I’ll throw this in the mix (and nod to Perfect Circle & Stephen Malkmus)


(Darko.Audio contributor) #103


Try 9th Ward Pickin Parlor That was his first after a stint on the Sony label, where the slick production seemed to get in the way of the music. It came back with 9WPP. My Stupid Heart is good too.

I assume you’ve tried the original Soul’s Core - just sublime.