Your favourite albums?

(Paul) #82

Brilliant album, long forgotten, thanks…another purchase coming up :roll_eyes:


(Rob Cordosi) #84

Hi everyone,
Been using roon for many months, been lurking on the forums for awhile, but want to start being ‘more active’ with the community. Love this thread! Just finished listening to Melanie De Biasios’ Blackened Cities. Wow! The driving drum beat on that track is amazing!
If you like female vocals, try Rhye, Woman. Her voice is pure silk. It’s a cross between jazz and R&B. It has a cool retro 70’s synth sound to it with a really neat smattering of what I think is synthesized horns smattered throughout the album.

(Wayne Bull) #85

Good album to recommend Rob.

Glad you enjoyed Melanie. Her other albums are just as good.

You may also like an artist called Julia Holter.

Her latest album ‘In The Same Room’ is excellent and up the same street as Melanie’s songs.

(Rob Cordosi) #86

Thanks. I will check her out.

(Anders Vinberg) #87


My favorite track on this album is “Dreaming While You Sleep”. Beautiful rendition!

(Ged) #89

Great album and the only Genesis one I like.

(Tom T) #90

What is amazing about Rhye is that - at least from what I read when I first heard them back in 2013 - is that it’s a male vocalist. Knowing that didn’t affect my appreciation for the music. I love it. They made a few videos that are worth looking up. Glad you reminded me of Rhye; going to give them a listen.


Rhye is duo, with vocals from Canadian male vocalist Mike Milosh. I thought same thing for a long while. He has a beautiful, soulful female-like voice. Agreed, fantastic album.

(Mark Johnson) #92

Just listened to this and what can I say? Superb, reminds me a little of Sade


I present you Brendan Perry. Together with Lisa Gerrard, the duo used to be the band “Dead Can Dance”. After the break-up Brendan Perry went solo. He has a beautiful voice and a brilliant composer.

I really like the track “The Bogus Man”.

(Rob Cordosi) #94

Whaaat!? Mind blown! I had no idea! :open_mouth:

(Ben Toby) #95

Worn out the grooves on this one. So beautiful. Miss you Charlie Haden

(René) #96

Discovered this album (and this band) when I was grabbed by “Caught by the light” in an episode of NCIS a few years ago. In one word: Brilliant.


(Mark Johnson) #98

@ben_toby thanks for the heads up on this little gem. As I get older my love of Jazz grows and grows…great album!

(Paul Barrow) #99

OK this is probably an audiophile cliché so please forgive me but this is the album I would save if the house was burning down!!

(Andrew Cox) #100

Originally released in 1981 this album came as a shock to those who were accustomed to Joe’s smart and sassy songs delivered with a new wave sneer. The heartfelt tribute to popular jazz, Cab Calloway, Louis Jordan and Glenn Miller in particular, is energetic and lively; you can feel the regard for the material in the performances. Joe role plays some of the characters in the lyrics to great effect.

Personally it significantly broadened my listening, creating a path into jazz material that I wouldn’t otherwise have experienced. Its also one of those albums that I’ve never tired of; it has become familiar without being fatiguing.

Unfortunately the initial CD suffered from low production values (it was 1981 so digital recording was still in its infancy). The 1999 digital remix available on Tidal goes some way to redressing that, but you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Nevertheless, if I want something to sing along to while cooking, this is always a favourite.

(Peter Brown) #101

Bright Eyes aka Coner Oberst, “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning”, I like the honesty in the writing, the simple melodies and the limits of his voice.