Your favourite albums?


You summed up my thoughts about this album entirely. It is such a shame that the recording does not shine because the musical performance is excellent. I went to the tour concert at the Locarno in Birmingham, a fantastic gig.

EDIT - This album was originally released on vinyl, and I doubt it was recorded in digital. Digital pop recordings tended to lag behind classical by a few years although there are a few exceptions. When music companies were busy issuing CDs of recent recordings to build up a catalogue, my view is that many did not receive optimum care and attention, the labels’ main concern was to build a big CD catalogue.

(Andrew Cox) #103

Can confirm. My vinyl version sounds good. You would think there is an analog master tape somewhere … Maybe it can get some MQA love.

(Ben Toby) #104

@Mark_Johnson thanks! Let’s keep this thread going it’s a great one… love to hear folks’s faves

(John B) #105

I just realise as I’m singing along to all these tracks how much I like this album and what a wonderful one it is.

Even Kevin’s atrocious attempt at Gaelic in All in All can be forgiven.
One of those albums perhaps overshadowed by THE BIG HIT but there isn’t a dud on this album and it’s a joyous album, with a huge nod towards Van but nonetheless with enough originality to make it quite a unique sounding record.

The version on Tidal is a double CD but it’s tracks 1-10 CD1 that’s the business.


(Wayne Bull) #106

Stunning return after 22 years from the kings of shoegaze!

I would say this is a hot favourite to be my album of the year.

‘Go Get It’ is probably going to be my track of the year as well.

Awesome stuff!

(Mark Edwards) #107

I agree, this has totally surprised me. I’m listening to Slowdive more than anything else at the moment and I was never a big fan.

(Larry Megugorac) #108

Boy if any of you like Jazz…then this guy is for you. Not only is it great jazz but is recorded very well! Mostly all instrumentals…I use a couple of his songs for reference for Bass, Drive and Slam!..did I mention he is fabulously recorded??

(Mark Johnson) #109

@Larry_Megugorac Well what can I say? Stunning saxophonist. I’m a Grover fan too so explains why I like his style. Futuresoul is a great album and the 1st track “Drumline” gets your body moving…thanks for the heads up Larry and he’s already added to my favourites tag!

(Larry Megugorac) #110


You comment gave me a huge SMILE!:laughing: “Drumline” is one on my reference songs! I have 13-14 BJ albums and just love the quality of the recordings!!! I will now seek out some Grover based on your comments!!!

Please let me know if you have any more recommendations… I am a huge Smooth Jazz fan as I really enjoy structured Jazz as opposed to the free-form stuff that they could never play the same twice. .

Futuresoul is the only Down-Load I could find from him in High Res…

(Mark Johnson) #111

Just finished listening to Futuresoul and he’s definitely influenced by the late great Grover Washington Jr. If you like Sax try some Stan Getz…in my opinion the greatest sax player ever!

(Mark Johnson) #112

Listening to “Body Language” now and if I was asked who’s playing with only knowing a few Grover tracks, I’d say Grover, but I know all Grover’s recordings so it must be? Someone who is definitely influenced by the great man!

(Larry Megugorac) #113

Yep got that Album too. I also really like BJ’s “Ride” and it’s title track!

What GW Jr. albums do you recommend? And yes I do enjoy the mellifluous tones of Stan Getz! His buddy Gilberto as well…

(Mark Johnson) #114

“Come Morning” “Winelight” and “Inside Moves” but most are on Tidal

(Mark Johnson) #115

Okay Guys & Girls…This album is superb. Probably one of the finest pianists and Sax players together on this album. Smoochy Stuff…well that’s what I call it. Answers on a postcard to tell me when Stan takes a breath…amazing!


Have been listening to this since the mid 80’s. With me every step of the way. Sorely underrated group, who never sold out and remained true to their roots, despite the calling of the West Coast.



Any chance to change the rules as to the frequency of posting?

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I don’t think it’s a good idea. Only posting once a month did force you to pick the real gems :slight_smile:


There already is a great thread for this :wink:

(Michael Keefe) #120
My first nom, for two reasons. The first is very personal and we probably all have that one album we associate with a place in memory so real that seems to affect all six senses. This is that album for me. I was 13 when it came out and it probably represents a certain awakening to the power of music but for whatever reason, I still can’t hear a snippet of Free without being transported. It also marks a bridge and a blueprint from the early British blues of savoy brown and fleetwood mac (yardbirds, bluesbreakers, etc…) to the early 70’s boogie music of humble pie, foghat, bad company, et al. I also think it stands up remarkably well - it would be great album if it came out today.


Yeah, OK! I guess once per day is a BIT much :slight_smile:

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