Your favourite albums?


was introducing Free to a local friend the other day, telling him we were listening to music from 1969/70 and how fresh and tight it sounded. Good call Michael. Gotta love the Free. Been with me since about 1984 i supposed, one of those seminal listens for me too.


Can’t thank you enough for this recommendation. I’ve not come across Akiyoshi before, and have blown most of my weekend pursuing her now!

Try also: “Let Freedom Swing” - Akiyoshi with the SWR Big Band (Tidal)


Yup… I’m with you on this one (Ozark Mountain Daredevils… It’ll Shine When it Shines). Kept me company for many years in rural Australia!

(Andrew Cox) #125

I agree, but it hurts sometimes when I play it …


haha. Nearly all the music I play get’s that treatment. After work and til after dinner, I get slated for having a “disco”, without fail, every evening…


ref John Mayall the Turning Point. Will give this a listen. Mayall’s catalogue is so vast, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to go for next! Thanks for the recommend.


I know and love this album for 40 years now.
And the predecessor “Pampered Menial” is a close second. With “Julia” it has the bigger hitsingle, but as a whole album “At the sound of the bell” is superior.


Bop Till You Drop by Ry Cooder was the first digitally recorded popular music album from a major label (Warner Bros). It was released July 1979. The CD release is definitely pre ‘loudness wars’ so you need to turn it up quite a lot to compete with modern recordings. As far as I am aware it has never received any re-mastering treatment. The songs from the '50s and '60s are great.


At that time they had very little experience with digital recording I read somewhere. At one point they lost half of the recordings and had to start all over again. Fortunately, it would have been another album. One of my favorite albums also.

(Larry Megugorac) #131

1957…how good can that recording date really sound? Now days, to me, recording quality is as important to me as the performer…Sometimes knowing I can go to a file that I know has been recorded well trumps my wish for another performer…as always YMMV…

(Jason G) #132

How can I narrow it down…

I’ve been really enjoying some Crusaders albums recently; Pass the Plate is one that moves me and has been in repeat listenings.

(David W) #133

Nice Hard Bop Neo Bop Jazz

(Jimmytwotimes) #134

Anything from Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer must be on anyone’s best albums of all time .


Hm … definitely no!

(Jimmytwotimes) #136

Then Simply Red , Milli Vanilli !

(Chris ) #137

Something from the Now That’s What I Call Music series surely must be at the top?

(Jimmytwotimes) #138

This is my all time favorite song:

(Henri Serton) #139

Yep! Love this album. And I have been a fan for 40 years as well. I have seen them live at last back in 2006 in Belgium. That was great!

(Michael Keefe) #140

(Larry Megugorac) #141

Carlos is easily one of the top 5 Ax players of all time! He looked strange without his Hat last night playing the National Anthem at the Warriors Game last night…all that hair coming out of his bald head…he sure can play though…