Your ultimate NUC8 silent fanless case is forthcoming

Note to the forum admins. I checked all categories and sub-catagories. Couldn’t find one devoted to NUCs. Please move if there is a better place for this.

Already mentioned in the NuC 8 thread new thread does not make the case any more attractive. God knows what Akasa are on but I don’t want any of it.

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G’day Sime, why not?

My NUC7i7DNHE is running both Roon and HQP Embedded , with HQP up-sampling to DSD512 (more CPU intensive than Roon’s built-in up-sampling).

My Akasa Plato X7D case keeps CPU at < 60 deg C (after running for hours)…

Wasn’t too tricky to put together either (and I’m slow :grin: )

See screenshots here:

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The Tinkering category is about the best at present.

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NUCs should be not heard, and not seen!

Just looks horrible would not want that in my house let alone my hifi rack.

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Ha, no worries at all. Don’t think mine looks that bad but much like sound quality, looks are highly subjective of course :grin:

If I get the new one for the NUC8, I will likely install it ‘vertically’, using the VESA mount, on the back wall or back of the shelf unit, behind the main hi-fi gear - unseen, but still accessible for the power button.

Very happy with my non NuC Rock.

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Ewww… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hideous or not, here they come (Akasa fanless cases for the NUC8s). These are the same as all the other Plato X cases, but revised to fit the layout of the NUC8s.

I preordered mine from Performance PCs - $128.

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Very happy with cirus7 and i7 nuc board 8gen