Zappiti 4K HDR NAS and Roon Support

I own and greatly enjoy the Zappiti NAS. It is a great Video Server. I am also a Roon user and have been for four years. I greatly enjoy Roon. Zappiti recently added support for Roon to their NAS. The Roon support is in the form of an optional software update you can purchase which appears to turn the NAS into a Roon server. As I am a fan of both companies I am interested in learning more about this new option. Does it in fact make the NAS a Roon server? If so how would I transfer Roon from the current desktop computer I am using as my Roon server to the Zappiti NAS? There have also been rumors that Zappiti players might in the future support Roon as an endpoint. Has anybody heard anything about this?

NAS usually don’t have the same power as a desktop. So, I would check and compare CPU and memory between the two.

If this were an option for you then you would take a backup of Roon and load it onto the server once Roon Server was activated on the NAS. You would then probably need to change settings to reflect the fact that your storage location would be different. Interestingly Zappiti don’t seem to publish the specs of their server. We can assume it runs an x86 processor but it will need to be i3 minimum to meet Roon’s requirement for support and also plenty of RAM (by which I mean enough to allow Roon 4gb plus whatever it needs to do other things).