Zeppelin stops playing from time to time

Hi everyone,

If been using Roon for quite a while now, running the Roon Core on an intel NUC. My library is hosted on a NAS to which Roon has access via SMB share.

In my living room I stream from the Core to a B&W Zeppelin Wireless ( AirPlay Protocol since the Zeppelin doesn’t use RAAT) From time to time the Zeppelin simply stops the music and the Roon remote on an iPhone or iPad will also indicate that it stopped playing. By simply pushing the play button again in the remote app, it will start again.

This never happens, when listen directly via headphones within iPhone for example.

Does anybody else use the Zeppelin, seeing similar issues?
Or does anybody haves good idea what the root causecould be?


Hello @Hannes,

I’m enabling diagnostic logging on your account so we can take a closer look at this.

The next time you encounter this behavior, please reply in this thread with the local time that it occurred. I will then be able to request a set of logs from your Roon Core covering the time frame surrounding your report.

Secondly, I would also recommend playing to the device using iTunes on a Mac or PC for a similar period of time that you would expect to see this behavior occur with Roon. This would be an important step in establishing that Roon is causing this behavior.


Hi John,

thanks for your quick reply, when I reported the problem.
It took some time to see the described behavior of the Zeppelin again.
Last time it occurred, was Oct. 14th between 9pm and 9:15pm (German time).

I’m not sure if this is really an Roon issue. When streaming to the Zeppelin via Airplay from an iOS device, I could sometimes see similar issues. Also, when the issue with occurs while streaming via Roon, a complete restart of the Zeppelin (unplug from power for 30sec and plugin again) will fix the issue.


Hello @Hannes,

Looking at the Roon logs, I see that the Zeppelin speaker is disconnecting from the network in the middle of playback as you have reported. The disconnect is not triggered by an event in Roon, it simply stops reading the audio stream.


Hi John,

over the last days I used the Zeppelin by streaming directly via Airplay to check the behavior again. I can confirm, my issue is not related to Roon. The same failure shows up from time to time when streaming directly from my iOS devices.

Thanks for checking the log files.
Since I don’t know what the “debug mode” does in the background, could you please deactivate it for my account?


Hello @Hannes,

We remove the diagnostic flag on the account once the support ticket has been closed, so it has already been deactivated.


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