Zidoo UHD3000 Roon Ready

I am seriously looking at buying the Zidoo UHD3000 as I value watching Music concerts and listening to music on an equal terms, my questions are:

  1. With the Zidoo being Roon Ready does that mean it will support DSD or even DSD to pcm or flac multichannel music from the HDMI output to an AVR.
  2. I got some conflicting answers from Zidoo when I asked if it will support multichannel music, one was.
    There will be no DSD multuchanel from Roon at all.
    The other was.
    ROON multi-channel PCM for digital output will be supported in next firmware.
    If a product is Roon Ready shouldn’t it support everything that Roon can do?

DSD over HDMI isn’t just about capability. It is also about licensing and being prepared to pay for the right to use the medium. Roon Ready will identify what the hardware is capable of and present that to you as your options for setup. If DSD isn’t there, it is because of hardware limitations. Not because Roon can’t do it.

That’s fair enough bit even if it can convert to PCM multichannel will be good for me.