Zidoo Z9X is Roon ready but limited to 2.0 channels only. why?


I am on the ,latest Roon core and software (Windows 11). I use Zidoo Z9X which is Roon ready. The player does play multichannel flac files via HDMI out (as PCM) when I use its internal music player. However, when I use it from Roon as an endpoint, Roon will downmix the 5.1 FLAC files to 2.0 (device setup is set as channel mapping only, I also tried downmix, no difference).

I’ve contacted Zidoo support and they told me that it’s not their fault and it must be a Roon software bug that mistakingly identifies the Z9X as a 2 channel device.

Any chance this could get fixed? I bought the Z9X for this purpose, to have Room with GUI via HDMI on my AVR. It works fine and I can see what’s being played but only for 2 channel music. Also, the Z9X also supports DSD decoding up to DSD512 and Roon software is also not aware of that.


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