Zone Grouping fails. Why?

I have two identical stereo speakers on my LAN (192.168.1.xx).
They work well individually but I cannot join them in a “Zone grouping”.
The speakers are “KEF LS50Wireless” and are “ROON Ready”.
There is no mentionning of “private zones” in the settings so that should be fine.
Am I missing something?
Thank you.

My Configuration:
File Server: Synology
Network: Wired ethernet with switches and wifi to android tablets.
Windows 10 PCs and Galaxy Android tablets
KEF LS50Wireless with input selection set to network/wifi.

No they are not. From the Partner Devices Matrix:

KEF Streaming

Roon supports network streaming to KEF LS-50 Wireless and KEF LSX speakers.

Due to the technical details of KEF streaming these speakers are not Roon Ready, so linking multiple pairs of KEF speakers is not possible and some RAAT-specific functionality (like convenience switching or advanced Signal Path functionality) is not possible.

IDK if “linking multiple pairs of KEF speakers is not possible” is what’s not working for you but it sounds so from your description.

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I wasted a lot of time on this. I have also a KEF LSX of course with the same issue.
Thank you. and have a good week.

You might be able to put a Roon Ready Streamer ahead of both the speakers, like a Rasperry Pi based unit. And that would then allow you to group those streamers into grouped zones.

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Hello @Jacques_DRISCART,

This is correct, you would not be able to link multiple KEF LSX speakers together.

This is a good work-around, if you connect to the LSX via a Roon Ready device, you should be able to group the Roon Ready devices together.

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