1.3 - Sonic Transporter not connecting to remote

Story of my life today.

Hey @Jim_Honsberger – we’ve been discussing your issue and look forward to making some progress, but I didn’t see your logs yet.

Did I miss them? If not, could you send over a Dropbox link, then we can move forward here?


Hello, I believe the problem is with the iphone ,ipad app . I can connect no problem to my sonictrasnporter from my mac computer all the time but if i try to connect to the sonictransporter with the iphone app , the app gets hung on initializing even though i believe the sonictransporter is working properly becasue i can connect with my mac.

I deleted the app and reinstalled and i see that the sonictransporter is ready to connect and i can successfully connect with the iphone app.

But after awhile , i will no longer be able to connect with the app and it will show initializing . Im sure if i deleted and reinstalled I could get the sonictrasnporter back to ready.

@Jim_Honsberger you really need to submit your logs in order for @support to do anything

I don’t know how to send logs . please send me a way to do this in linux .I see roon server diagnostics but you cant just copy and paste it.

Hey @Jim_Honsberger – information about accessing your database is here.

Once you have access to the database, you’ll want to zip up the logs folder and then post us a Dropbox link like @Eric mentioned in post #3.

If you have any questions, just let us know. Thanks!

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I’m also having problems maintaining a connection between Sonic Transporter i5 and Synology NAS.
The only way I found to restore the connection was to reboot the NAS, which takes about 5 minutes. Have had to do so 7-8x in last day.

Furthermore, on both Mac and iphone client the queue just disappears if I stop playing music for any length of time.

So this morning I installed build 194 on both Mac and ST Core. But now the Mac client is virtually useless: shows only the current playing track, but nothing in queue, and the play controls at bottom of page show only the information at time of launch.

Interestingly iphone app seems fine: current track and queue and play controls all function normally.

What’s up?

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@cjbraon, @Jim_Honsberger – what is your netmask? (I have an idea)

I sent logs this morning

The only problem I have now is the iphone app hanging on initializing.

If i close the app out 4-6 times i can get Roon core on the sonictransporter to get to Ready.

your logs do not contain your netmask, i need your IP settings to know that…

Music Servers 1

Version: 2.3
Model: sonicTransporter
IP Address:
MAC: 00:E1:4C:68:1E:78
Network players 2

Version: 2.3
Model: microRendu
IP Address:
MAC: D0:63:B4:01:04:92
Version: 2.3
Model: microRendu
IP Address:
MAC: D0:63:B4:00:EC:F0

Deleted …

Subnet mask is

Using google dns server addresses’ too.

we think we might have an improvement here, that might help a few cases… build coming in a few hours… id like to know if it helps you at all.

I will let you know .

@Jim_Honsberger – 200 out, want to give it a shot?

Just did ,didn’t help .Deleted roon app on the phone too and reinstalled.
No help

Stuck on this. But if I close the app out 4-6 times I can get it to work.

But then if you try to use the app minutes later you have to go through the process of closing the app out 4-6 times. It will never open the first time.