1.5: Duplicates problem

I have here an album twice in my library. The files are identical, in fact one is an export of the other. The only differences are 1. one set of files has metadata and 2. one folder has a PDF in it too. Tracks are otherwise identical: there are no other editions of this (marvellous) album.

Roon doesn’t automatically dedupe them. Even after reidentifying both they remain separate. And both albums have no “versions” tab so Roon seems entirely unaware there are two.

As I recall 1.4 they would have automatically stacked as versions. Now in 1.5 they don’t. This is a problem.

And no, Show Duplicates is OFF!

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Hi, @Ludwig, thanks for the report! Just a few questions.

Are these albums stored in the same watched folder?

You mentioned that one is an export of another, what did you mean by that? Was it exported using Roon?



Different watched folders.

I imported the first, Identified it, exported it from Roon to make the second.

Thanks for the info, @Ludwig, we’ll try to reproduce this behavior internally.


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@Ludwig, could you please post your Library Settings here? And upload this album, I mean the original one, for us. I will contact you via PM with more details.



This enough?:

Sorry, @Ludwig, I meant Settings-> Library-> Import Settings .



Good, thanks!


Hey @Ludwig – Ivan tested and wasn’t able to reproduce. The albums were correctly flagged as duplicates, so something else is going on here.

It would be interesting to know if you can reproduce with the same two sets of media and a fresh database, if you’d be so kind.

Also, can you also explain this a bit more:

Also, any edits in Roon on either album?

We can take another look at this, but will be hard to move forward if we can’t see what you’re seeing.