1.5: Manually tagged MQA albums are not shown as MQA

Hi @brian, @support

Congratulations on the new release! Overall I am really pleased with the 1.5 update so far, but there is one issue I have noticed.,

I may be doing something wrong but I am seeing that the albums that I had previously tagged as MQA manually are not shown as MQA in Roon after the 1.5 update.

If I look in the TIDAL Masters screen I can see the MQA logos in the lower right corner of the album art, but not in my tagged albums;

My tagged albums;

It look as though there is not yet full information available about all these albums being TIDAL MQA, would that be correct?

Hi, @Tim_Rhodes, thanks for the report! I can reproduce this, good catch. We will discuss it with the team internally, and then I’ll get back to you.



Thanks @ivan

I’m glad it was easy enough to repro. I have noticed subsequently that some albums are properly displayed in my tag, but most arent, for example;

Hm, when did you add A Deeper Understanding by The War On Drugs to your library? While being on 1.5 already or when you were using 1.4.310?



I havent added any albums to my MQA tag for several weeks. Certainly not since the 1.5 update. I am not sure which build of 1.4 I was on when that album was added I’m afraid.

Ok, got it, thanks for the info, @Tim_Rhodes!


Hi, @Tim_Rhodes, can you check that Tag one more time?

I guess, I have a theory why you saw no mqa badges.




Yeah I checked it and the contents of the tag are the same. A few have MQA shown, vast majority do not.

Thought I’d check my collection and I can’t reproduce this; every album I tagged manually is correctly identified as MQA. This includes recent additions on 25/4 and 3/5.

Hi @ivan

Ok I have seen a change in the tagged MQA albums now. I added a new MQA album to my library and to my tag. It seemed to trigger a rescan of my library as well which I wasnt expecting?

However the result is now that most (but not all) of the albums in my MQA tag show correctly. As you can see here, where all but one album shows the MQA logo…