1.8 - Albums not properly sorted by Release Date [Ticket In]

Core machine=ROCK. Apps=iOS iPad 14.3.

I have defined Release Date as my Album date for sorting preference. Release Date is loaded from tags in my files.

However, albums are still sorted by Original Release Date in Overview-Albums in my library view as well as Discography-Main albums.

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On the Artist screen Roon 1.8 let’s you select the album sort. On the Album screen is doesn’t. They need to fix this.

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I just upgraded to 1.8 recently. I think I experience the same problem as the previous posters.

@support: have you been able to look into this matter posted in february ?

If you need any additional information please let me know.


Hello @papa.jay ,

Are you still seeing this issue on the latest build of Roon?
There should have been some changes in this area in one of our recent releases.

Hi @noris ,

it seems that it is much better with albums. The example of “Son Volt” I posted is now sorted correctly.
I still found wrong sortings in the “Albums”, “Singles/EPs” and “Appearances” of some artists though (see screenshots below)

Hope that helps

I still have this issue.

In the Library / Import settings, Release date is loaded from files (format YYYY only). However, the Artist / Main album section is sometimes displaying different Release date than the one defined in files and therefore sorting by Release date is incorrect

Example: Artist / Main album with some wrong Release dates…

… but the Album details is displaying the correct Release date

Do you have any mitigation plan for this incident?
Thanks in advance.

Please look again at your own screenshot:

I marked the original release date there for you because you missed it (blue line). Please don’t look at original release dates while talking about release dates.

Sadly, with Roon v1.8 the display of the various release dates has become a mess. For albums without original release date, the release date is shown in the place at top while, if both are present, the original release date is shown at that same place. In album lists, the same date at top of the album detail page is displayed – without label to tell which one it is. You can therefore not use the date displayed in album list views to determine the correctness of the sorting if you changed the sorting (Settings|General > Album dates for sorting) to use release date instead of original release date.

You are right for the second screenshot. Not that simple indeed.

The point is therefore why some Release dates are extracted from files and why some are extracted from the metadata DB as seen in my first screenshot even when Import from files is selected (YYYY=my files, DD MMMM YYYY=Metadata)?

This is the bug to be corrected I think, or displayed dates in screens are to be clarified. The sorting dates was Release dates in the first screenshot (library setup).

Again: Original release dates are not the same as release dates!

If not also in your files, then the original release dates come from Roon’s metadata cloud.

There is no “import from files only” setting in Roon – only metadata source preferences. For example: If you set the import preference for original release date to prefer file but omit that data in your files then Roon is using the data from its own cloud (if there is any). Read also: Metadata Model - Schema.

For now, I have forced Original release date and Release date to be extracted from files. But I have only one date stored in file so possibly Roon retreives missing dates from its metadata DB. Do you know which are the files metadata loaded by Roon for these 2 dates?

In addition, my dates are stored using YYYY only. This could be an issue for Roon. But 100% of my dates are stored in files so I should not have discrepancies for albums of one Artist as shown on screenshot 1.

For FLAC and VORBIS it’s YEAR and ORIGINALYEAR. I don’t know about other formats.
For dates use DATE and ORIGINALDATE.

Update : Roon restarted and the bug of my first screenshot is back again…

So I checked each albums of the same artist and there are my findings:

  • Original release date: extracted from ROON metadata DB as defined in Import settings => OK, each date in Edit album are Prefer ROON.

  • Release date: extracted from File as defined in Import settings => OK, each date in Edit album are Prefer File. ROON often proposes different and newer dates.

  • Albums in my library: sorted by Release date but incorrect.

It seems that the Release date used to sort albums is not the one extracted from files as set in Import settings but the ROON one.

@ROON team, can you confirm this sorting bug?

I still have this problem on the latest build of roon 1.8.
Any fix scheduled for this @support?

In addition too, the sorting of My Albums is ok when sorted by Artist, i.e. all albums of the same artist are correctly sorted by Release date as extracted from files.
This is the Artist / Albums in my discography which is wrong. The sorting there gives a different result.

Hello All,

Thanks for the feedback here! Our team is still looking into this. I don’t have any specific timelines I can provide just yet, but we’ll be sure to update everyone when we have more information. Thanks!

Thanks in advance!

The sorting issue seems to have been fixed. However, the current album doesn’t appear in the sorted list of albums like it used to. Thus it’s not easy to see where the current album fits in to the timeline.

I have similar issues since previous versions.

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I am seeing a date sorting issue as well. When I sort by release date just within my local library, it seems to sort correctly, but when I choose their entire discography, it is not. See this example of Joe Jackson. In the full library, you can see Beat Crazy and Look Sharp! both are incorrectly placed:

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