1.8.: Genre views shows genres which are not mine

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
NUC I 3, Roon Rock, 1.8

I am using only my own Genres included in my TAGs. Since 1.8. I can see some more genres in genres view which are not from my musicfiles. E.g. RAP, Children‘s, Comedy …No albums inside it, sure because I don‘t have albums tagged with this genre.

Hi @maky100 ,

This is expected behavior, please see:

Genre Pages

Genre pages were previously limited to the music present in your library, but in Roon 1.8 you can explore music that’s new to you.

Genres that were previously unavailable or only featured a handful of content from your library now feature a number of recommendations powered by Valence, including recommended artists and albums, subgenres, Live Radio stations, and for classical music top composers and compositions.

Thank you for your answer, but that is a „no go“ for me. You give me the opinion to use my own genres instead of Roon genres and what happened? You overrule this and I have genres I do not want. No problem for me if you give me the chance not to show it, with a checkbox, radiobutton whatever.

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