1.8 Leaks significant memory on OSX

Hi @Shaun_Moores

I just wanted to let you know our team is investigating this and we’ll be in touch when we have more info. Thanks!

Hi Dylan, thanks for the update. I did sign out of Tidal and Quboz yesterday and used the software for about 2.5 hours. The software started at 1.18G and finished at 1.67G. Hence the streaming services don’t seem to be a factor.

Album Count (no Quboz or Tidal) - 1779 Albums, 40166 Tracks
Album Count (with Quboz and Tidal) - 3105 Albums, 64793 Tracks


I’m also a Mac user. I was using a 2020 Mac mini (Intel) as my Roon core but recently switched to a Mac mini (M1) due to faster CPU and lower operating temp. I’ve not experienced any of the issues with memory leakage mentioned above. Perhaps it only applies to older Mac units.

Same here. iMac Retina 5K 27", late 2019, 16 GB memory, 1 TB SSD, macos Big Sur. I work also on this machine all day and use Roon most of the time (my rough guess 75% Tidal, 25% local files). Started the machine up yesterday morning with Roon using under 1 gb memory, it’s now Tuesday in the afternoon and Roon is taking 3,85 gb of memory! Fortunately the hardware can handle it, although sometimes the iMac feels a bit “slow”. Still, i think it’s not normal that Roon keeps building up so much memory usage.

Hi Roy, thanks for your input. It reassures me that I am not reporting frivolously. I did restore my ROON installation to a more recent iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5", Late 2015, 3.1G Quad Core i5, 8G RAM with Big Sur 11.2.2). Over 5 days (with 2.5 hours of use on 4 of them) the memory consumption increased from 1.72G to 3.37G. This still seems like a big increase for a very modest amount of use. This was with 3646 Albums and 64760 tracks.

Guys, you are not alone with this issue. There are a lot others. See also this post: Memory leak in Roon?!

There are a douzend threads on Memory leaks. It doesnt just impact OSX but unfortunately virtually any platform, also on NUC.

My Mac mini M1 with 16GB restarts everyday, today only listening to Live Radio, not playing any track from Tidal or own library and it went to 3.88 GB memory usage.

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Hi Dylan, can you update me on the status here please? The latest version continues to leak memory profusely. This and problems with Tidal skipping tracks is really destroying my faith in ROON delivering a robust music player. I could leave my Sooloos server on for months without it impacting playback.


Ditto,. we need a fix here. I came back to using Roon with my local library and Qobuz , and the memory usage just ticking down by the minute. Reboot the iMac, turn wifi on and off,. no love. Problem persists and badly. Please Fix !!

Same with me. MacBook Air core - can’t get more than a couple of days without memory usage rising from 700kb to 1.5mb with associated drop outs and skipping of tracks.

I have a MacBook Pro M1 16Gb or RAM.
Roon leaks like CRAZY. You gotta do something.
It also leaks like there is no tomorrow on my NAS, Synology.
I had to add a cron job to shut down and restart Roon service every night otherwise it was diligently sucking all memory (and I installed as much memory as I could on that NAS, 8Gb)
There is clearly something wrong with your code because these leaks are consistent, regardless of the platform…

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Hi Kelsen, thanks for wading in. There are reports all over the forum about memory leaks. Sadly none appear to be getting any traction. It really is very frustrating!

Can confirm, 5.5 GB over here.

Roon Core:
macOS 11.5 (10.16.0 according to roon info)
Roon 1.8 (build 814) stable
2018 mac mini - 32 GB ram - local ssd - intel core i7
23,000 tracks

I Can confirm,

Memory 9,99 Gb
Mac Mini M1 (2020)
16Gb RAM
OSX 11.5.1

Roon 1.8 (build 814) Stable
22040 Artists, 62137 Album, 830683 tracks

Hi Fabio,

Maybe you can help me… I have a huge library (855,000 + 10,000 skipped tracks) also as you have. I am using MBP 16" CTO i9 64Gb , macOs Catalina (my friend told me Big Sure is even worse, so i didnt updated). I am using -try to use- Roon (1.8 (814)) since 3 month, but every day freezes and i have to force quit. I thought my library is too big so i delete the duplicates and the albums with lower bit rate. But always roon tries to add more tracks(???) and the metadata improver is stopped with red exclamation mark… Have you heard this problem? Do you have any idea what is wrong?
My mac also hungry, sometimes uses 25Gb memory.

…in my system too my metadata improver is most of the time with Red Mark…

Normally after two or three restarts…everything’s seems ok…
but the problem is the long start delay of roon app.

In these days I’m building a server to use with Unraid
I want to install roon as ROCK…

I’ll let know if it works…

Ok, ia m waiting for your information, thanks