1.8 not working with McIntosh MHA50

1.8 worked perfectly on download yesterday. Today, it won’t recognize my McIntosh MHA50 portable DAC–even though under Settings/Audio I see that it is there and enabled. The DAC works fine with my Qobuz app on both MacBook Pro and iPhone, so it’s not the DAC. I’ve turned everything off and on, disabled and re-enabled the DAC in Settings/Audio. It’s just not there today as a device to use. And all my other devices are there, just not the McIntosh DAC. What to do?

Hi @Steven_Madoff

Just to confirm, it is enabled in Settings > Audio? Can you share a screenshot of this and the zone picker?

Is there any change if you disable and re-enable the device again?

What if you reboot the Core machine and the DAC?

Hi Dylan, Now it seems the only way this works is if I reboot the Core machine every time I switch between using the McIntosh DAC with my MacBook Pro and the McIntosh DAC with my iPhone. And in fact, the Roon app on my iPhone doesn’t even see the McIntosh any longer. It now sees “iPhone,” but the device setup for what it now calls iPhone are, in fact, all the settings for the McIntosh DAC. Meanwhile, on my MacBook Pro, it now sees the McIntosh, but only after I reboot the Core machine.

I should add that Roon 1.8 has no problems seeing my NAD 658 streamer or my Matrix Audio Element X streamer…

Hi Dylan, Is there anything further on this? It’s an incredible nuisance that every time I want to use the McIntosh DAC I have to reboot the Core machine. Please advise. Thanks.

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Hello. Mcintosh C2700 owner here. I’m experiencing the same issue. My NUC running CORE is attached to my C2700 via USB and I need to power cycle my NUC for it to see the C2700 as Roon tested and therefore be selected to stream to. I never had this issue until this week with 1.8. I see the C2700 as connected in settings, but that doesn’t make it a visible endpoint.

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Yes, the only way I can now use my McIntosh MHA50 is to reboot my Core, a SonicTransport, every time. Never was an issue before. I have two streaming DACs, a Matrix Audio Element X and a NAD C658 and they work perfectly with 1.8.

And no one from Roon is answering at this point…

Oddly enough I can group my McIntosh with another endpoint as a work around. Strange that I see my C2700 when selecting groups and not otherwise as a device. It means my stream goes to 2 devices instead of 1 but I rarely need them separated. Maybe this will work for you as well until this gets patched.

That’s a great idea. I’m going to try it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi everyone,

We’ve posted an update here and will be keeping everyone updated when we have more news on this: