1.8 Audio devices in Settings but not in Zone picker [Ticket In]

Having same problem. Rebooting my roon server fixes it. Not a problem youd expect!

My RME dac is is the settings menu but not the drop down list. Normally I can restart my Zen Mini and it will come up in the drop down list but not today.

Very frustrated.

I am spending more time fiddling with settings in Roon than in listening to music.

I will say this is the buggiest software update Roon has ever done. Not happy. I have to say if i didn’t have a lifetime sub I would be out of here.

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I went through the cycle of getting my zones back last night and kept them out of groups. This day so far all zones remain available.

I’m also seeing similar errors with 1.8.

I’ve not isolated it to the bridge but a zone with such devices in disappears overnight when Roon core is left running on my main machine. Half the nights I wake up and the zone is gone, with no playback etc. All wired on reliable, tested (and certified) Ethernet cables and monitored switches.

Hi everyone – just wanted to give an update here. I know this has been a frustrating one.

We now believe we have figured out the issue, and the fix is being tested by our QA team. We’re planning to release it as soon as possible, but most likely that means first thing next week.

Our apologies for everyone who’s had trouble with this one – we appreciate everyone’s patience on this and look forward to getting it resolved for everyone real soon!


Thank you for your tireless efforts Roon team! :ok_hand:

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We appreciate their efforts, but before releasing an update of this caliber they should have made sure that everything should work correctly.
I think the right thing to do this time would be to extend our subscription to Roon for at least 7 days due to the inconvenience caused, since some of us still cannot use the app 100% due to the problems caused by it.

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I am having the same issue. Core connected via USB to Hegel amp. Needs rebooting every time if amp goes to standby.

Was working with airplay to hegel, but that’s now gone 100%.

since i disabled all Airplay devices everything is back to normal.

I’ve been stable since I’ve kept my problematic group apart. So a Pi 3 B+ with Ropieee and Allo DigiOne grouped with Bluesound Node 2i was causing issues. My other group with two Pi B+ sans HAT has been stable.

In case that helps…

CHORD Mojo is connected to my Mac mini M1 but is not recognised by ROON 1.8. I can listen to anything but ROON through CHORD MOJO / Earphones.

My system is simpler than most. I don’t have to restart my core every time this problem occurs (and that is almost every time I stop playing music via Roon). If I go to the Audio tab under Preferences, my devices are there even though they don’t appear as zones. Going to settings on the device I want to utilize, there are generally a couple of toggle switches. Change one and save. Change it back and save again. Now it appears in zones with the correct info from when I last used the connection. Maybe that helps someone until they get the problem fixed properly.

That had no effect for me. Maybe I toggled the “wrong” option.

Any more news on this fix Dylan? So annoying having to reboot the Nucleus every time I switch my DAC on. Also now wishing the power button for the Nucleus was on the front instead of awkwardly at the back.

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I am surprised, no, shocked, that it has been 10 days since this serious bug was reported, and there isn’t even an estimated date for the bug fix.
Honestly, I have not listened to any music since Roon 1.8 was installed on my core, controls and endpoints.
I have lost all my enthusiasm for music. I am borderline depressed.

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Same here, have to restart my QNAP TVS-672XT a few times a week .

Oh, OK. I just saw a message from Mike saying the bug fix is imminent.
Honestly, the next two major releases should be only about putting back features from 1.7 removed in 1.8, AND FOCUSING ON USABILITY, USABILITY, USABILITY.
Let’s do some proper software development: gather use cases, REAL LIFE USE CASE COLLECTED FROM US, THE USERS. For example:

  • Find album from a given artist (it seems obvious, but it’s not, try to do it in 1.8) the goal is : quickest, with the minimum number of key strokes and mouse clicks, most intuitive
  • Recover “unavailable” tracks in a playlist (cause they are already in the library). I click a button, and boom, the track, exactly that track which was moved elsewhere becomes automatically available. Now that IS USABLE USER FRIENDLY.
  • Etc.
    Before any further effort is put in on making Roon fancy, AI, etc. Let’s make the installed user base happy first, and using Roon effortless.
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Looks as it happens even to the “local” device, as my iMac isn’t showing up. It’s in settings, and it has its “Built in output” enabled, but I can’t see it in the Select zone menu anymore. (It was there just some hours ago though.)

I’ve obviously restarted the app.

Roon Remote 1.8 (Build 756) on macOS 10.13.6
Roon Core 1.8 (Build 756) on Ubuntu 20.04

Is there a way to get back to 1.7 somehow?

It’s announced to launch an update first thing coming week…