1920x1080 too small?

I have a Ockel Sirius A portable computer that has a native 1920x1080 screen using Intel Graphics and Windows 10 #1803.

The default scaling for this machine is 150%. Roon displays that the screen resolution is too small to run. If I change to 100% scaling Roon runs but this scaling is too small to be usable on this small screen.

I would really like to run Roon on this small computer.

Any help?


Okay if I move the taskbar and hide it to the side and I get things working in 150% scaling mode. It’s a workaround but really, Roon needs to address these resolution issues. There are many screen sizes in the Windows world and it will probably get worse so Roon needs to step up IMHO.


Yup, yup, yup. Wrote something like this many months ago; maybe with even higher resolution. I dont like their answer given its founded in a desire to deliver a UX that includes large blank margins wasting pixel space.

Hello @Chris_Barker,

Thanks for the feedback here. I have moved your post over to Roon Software since this appears to be “Working as designed”, but if you would like some more info regarding specifics I would suggest taking a look at the following thread:


Hi Chris, I’m thinking about using the Sirius A to run Roon. How has your (user) experience been so far with this device?

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