2 month left of my subscription

2 month left of my subscription of roon, and then i am leaving. It seems roon is not going to change those idiotic round picture frames for artists. It was one of the things I loved the best with 1.7, and one of the reason i bought a subscription. It may seem silly to some of you, and maybe I am silly. Luckily I only bought one year subscription.


You seem to have become somewhat obsessed with pictures of artists. Whether you renew or not is, of course, your choice. But to base this on whether Roon uses round or square pictures seems to be somewhat extreme!


Interesting, as other music apps are using round Artist pics, here’s Tidal and Qobuz


If the main purpose for which you bought Roon is to view pictures with artists, then your decision is correct.
For me, the form in which the artist’s picture is presented is insignificant, because I bought Roon to listen to music and for the functionalities related to listening to music and managing the audio library. My goal is to listen to music, not watch artists’ pictures.


I am much more concerned about the pictures themselves rather than the shape in which they are presented. However, it isn’t in itself a reason to stop using Roon.


I’m not a big fan of circles, but I find the design language clear and consistent: square = album/song, circle = person/group.

Only in the composer view the conductors are - for whatever reason - not shown as a circle.


You bought roon based on the shape of the icons? :rofl:

You may have missed roons point a little. Either way it’s definitely your choice where you spend your money. Maybe one day you will come back?


Very possibly because all 3 companies have used the same design consultants.

If a design agency is commissioned to carry out a study or to come up with design suggestions for an app or website, then one thing is for sure - they are going to make changes to the app’s design whether or not these changes serve any real purpose. They are not going to conclude that the current design is really rather good! Circles in place of squares is one such meaningless and unnecessary change.

Luckily for those of us who don’t like the use of circles, we have a means to change this - as long as we don’t use iPads or phones as our control devices.

All very subjective of course and some may say trivial, but the look and feel of a product such as Roon can make a huge difference to our enjoyment when using it - particularly for those using large (widescreen) control devices.

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i subscribed to roon 5 years ago with the hope, that someday they will give me round artist pictures.
All my dreams came true with 1.8 :wink:
[irony off]


Rounded images, especially for people and bio, is a design trend going on for at least 5/6 years now, not only in music apps but on magazines, websites, ecc…so Roon simply, and very slowly, adapt its design to what it’s widely already available.

To me 1.8, design wise, is finally a step-up from a very old design concept and more in line to what it’s now common in the digital world.


You win the comment awards haha


Round bubbles for artists / composers in almost any music app. It has become an accepted standard. You need to fill them with pictures and it starts looking really great.

Even the contacts App in the phone has round bubbles for the names listed and nobody complains about those. It is really a bit silly. :rofl: :rofl:




There are far worse things wrong with Roon right now than those circles. What I don’t get is why they didn’t fix the shizzle that was broke before the update, now they have even more bugs and the ones that have been broken for ages are getting further down the queue. It’s really quite embarrassing at how far Roon has fallen in standarsnand is not meeting my expectations any more in a few short months.



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No, probably not, but you can change them yourself. You’ll find all the details in this thread.

Has anyone tried to improve the presentation of the pictures with better cables?


Sorry, but I believe the rule is that unless you have tried it yourself you are not allowed to criticise or question the results obtained by those that have.


Really? Why not?

Thank you for trying to help, but square pictures displays no more of original rectangle picture the round does. It says rectangle picture in the post but the ones shown is square