2 New Cambridge streamer/dacs?

Maybe I can solve my DacMagic 200m lack of volume with one of these?
I wonder how the Roon endpoint compares to my MicroRendu?




I had a look this morning, and looks like it will give another good choice in the market

According to What HiFi they are Roon ready as well

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Unfortunately still made in china :frowning:

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And so is your smartphone/computer that you are typing this on.

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Ya, what isn’t… (sadly)

True - but it is slowly changing. Today Russia, tomorrow China. I read that USA, Japan and Holland will introduce some limits for chips. Holland is the only country where is the most advanced device for the most adcvanced chips produced. Of course China can clone/reverse ingenieer/steal it (nothing new…) but its not so easy I guess. So I support non-chinese devices even if there is still a lot of china inside.But Made in Taiwan/Korea/England/Germany/Poland/USA/Denmarl/Finland etc - such devices really exist. Ok I have chinese iPhone and Thinkpad - but also DAC from Taiwan and active speakers from Finland. Even Apple will produce some devices in India (I know - also not the best choice) and in USA. I won’t buy made in china product when I have any alternative. I hope it will be more and more possible.
Sorry for long and not really related topic :slight_smile:


Interesting. Thanks for posting

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Chinese made cheap Topping + British designed Rapberry Pi… made in China I would think. Correct me if I’m wrong :man_shrugging:

Less than £150 - problem solved!

Edit: I use Ropieee… spelt correctly I hope


Please stop the political and/or racist posts.


I assume the built in streamer is better than my microrendu, hopefully.
I have a DacMagic 200m that I want to return. The 200m dac is very nice but no volume control is a bummer.

The CA streamers look like they are already Dacs (matching specs of the 200M, 768/512, Did not look exactly at the chip but all of them ESS) 200M only has Balanced outputs (if you care about that). From my point of view better look for a preamp to control the volume (what I did, but I also wanted more imputs), depends on the cost of the streamers (I have not noticed the price)

200 has Balanced and RCA. The 2 new Cambridges only have RCA. The 200 also has dual dacs. The new one only has 1.

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Never used the RCAs
That I have not notice (dual dacs vs one)
So you are thinking to get a streamer like this and then use SPDIF or Toslink between them and 200M

I currently have a MicroRendu and just bought a 200m dac. But since the 200m doesn’t allow volume control in Roon I need a different dac. I’m thinking of replacing microrendu/200m with either the axn10 or mxn10.
My other option is to keep the MicroRendu and replace the 200m with a Denefrips Ares2.

Makes sense.

If you do that pls share you thoughts, I was looking at Denafrips also.
Also I was looking at Matrix as an all in one

90% of the world’s semiconductors come from Taiwan. whatever happens to destabilize that island also destabilizes the world.


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Point made. I do have speakers from Germany (Audio Physic), amp/DAC from UK (Naim), streamers and FMC from US (Sonore) and speakers designed in UK and made in China (Naim Mu-so and KEF LS50W II’s). Best to spread the love around.

I was at the private launch event last week.
The 2 devices were reported as being the same apart from form factor.


Do you guys think the Cambridge will beat the MicroRendu as an endpoint?