24Bit Qobuz / Roon / Sonos Amp [Available in Build 831]

Looking for an answer around wether I am able to get 24bit streaming with my Qobuz account played through Roon to a Sonos Amp.

I know I can get it through the Sonos S2 app but am I able to get it playing my Qobuz tracks through Roon and if not, why not?

Hi @Scott_Hughes

This is not currently possible in Roon, but it’s something we’re looking into for the future. I’d recommend opening a post in the #roon:feature-requests section of Community about this so we can get feedback from others as well!

Oh that’s rather disappointing, I’m finally able to play Hi-Res at 24-bit through my Sonos Amp but can’t do it through my prefered music player.

Thanks for the response though Dylan and I’ll open a post in the feature requests.

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Roon now supports 24-bit playback to Sonos S2 devices. Please see our full release notes here:

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