5 second pause after each track, then music continues

Roon Core Machine

Macbook Air M1, 16 GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

USB to Mytek Liberty DAC II

Number of Tracks in Library

Stream only (Qobuz)

Description of Issue

Listening to Das Rheingold. The music stops playing at the end of each track. Music resumes after around 5 seconds. In other words, there is a 5 second pause in between all tracks. Very annoying. :slight_smile:

Is this only happening with a particular recording of Das Rheingold, or every album that you play?

It could be the gapless issue. I reproduced the issue when playing the 192kHz version of this album, but didn’t see it when I tried the 44.1kHz version. However, the problem was inconsistent. If I jumped back to the previous track and skipped to the middle of the track, the pause might not happen again as it crossed to the next track.


This is happening with all albums. Tested with The Wall (good transition from Wagner BTW) as the music should flow from track to track witjout gaps. Again, 5 second delays between tracks. Internet is fine. I will try connecting to internet via ethernet to see if that changes anything. Thank you for your replies.

Can you connect Ethernet even just to test this sounds like network, 24 192 is pushing wifi Core to Router really needs to be ethernet

Is this a local file or streaming, just saw Qobuz

I have played this in 24 192 it plays fine

It is the gapless issue that appeared starting with build 1169. Roon is aware of it and they are investigating. It is being discussed in multiple threads, such as these:

Streaming Qobuz via Roon. I connected my Node 2i via ethernet (audio out to Stax Energizer) to my Google Wifi Pro router. Gap still present! And boy is the gap annoying once Vorspiel hits its climax.

Interestingly, if I start toward the end of the track there is no gap. Same with the next track: Skipped to last few seconds and let it play and there was no gap.

I had a similar experience. Forwarding to the end of the track and pressing play results in no gap. But that’s not a good way to listen to Wagner. Or maybe it is. Save time! :slight_smile:

That sounds like Qobuz , what happens if you use the Qobuz App ?

Tidal (here) doesn’t show that behaviour,. we don’t have Qobuz to compare

Have you seen this thread ? Sounds like the same issue

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