Long gaps between tracks since build 1169

Roon Core Machine

Grimm MU1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS AX88U with Etherregen switches, all connections wired, no DSP, only one zone

Connected Audio Devices

Ayre QX-5 Twenty

Number of Tracks in Library

around 31000

Description of Issue

Really long pauses between tracks within an album, up to 20 seconds. The status bar in the app goes back and forth during that time. This behaviour started instantly after updating to build 1169, 4 days ago. I restarted every piece of equipment in the digital chain, from modem to the DAC, including of course the MU1, to no avail.

It behaves in this way for Qobuz and Tidal content, seemingly (!) not for locally stored music on the MU1.

Not all albums show the same behaviour, and it isn’t that consistent. I haven’t had the time to thoroughly check all kinds of content, but it seems like hi res albums with a large number of tracks (several CD’s) are more affected than others, f.e. The Beatles Revolver Super Deluxe 24/96. That doesn’t mean a single CD album won’t show this behaviour, f.e. Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers Moanin’ (remastered) 24/192 shows gaps between the tracks for at least 15 seconds.


Sounds a bit like network issues, in particular because hi-res files seem to exacerbate it. As local files seem unaffected for you, maybe internet issues with bandwidth or latency.

There is another thread where long pauses between tracks are being traced to network issues as well (still ongoing). Maybe you can find some hints for additional tests there:

Thanks @Suedkiez. I thought about the network too. Makes sense. Can’t fault it, though. Because Roon started acting up immediately after the update, I think there might be more to it.

I know of the other thread, I posted there too. But thanks for pointing that one out.

I see. I suppose best to wait for official support to check your logs, if there is nothing obviously wrong with your network. Or maybe someone else has an idea. Sadly I can’t think of anything right now :frowning:

@Suedkiez thanks for your input and time. Much appreciated.

@support any ideas?

I have exactly the same issue, Alan Parson Project I Robot in 192/24 from Qobuz, 3 or 4 seconds between tracks

I’ve been experiencing exactly the same thing but it appears to be intermittent. I have been able to replay the same transition between tracks, sometimes there is a gap but others it is gapless.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences @Robert_Povey @Robem. Something is afoot, it seems.

Please also post seperately about your issues and ask for support. It looks as if it’s the same problem we’re experiencing, but the cause might be different. At least support will be aware that this issue is more common.

If something changes (for better or worse) or you have a solution, please let me know!



I’ve also experienced exactly the same issue with the “Playlists by Roon”, and Qobuz playlists.
My fallback is Linn Kazoo, and it works fine with whatever Qobuz playlists.

I suspect the issue may be with the stream receiving buffer size, which is set too high, and there is no option to adjust it.

I am experiencing this too. Gaps are much more noticeable in playlists, shuffles and radio compared with playing an album through.


Thanks for chiming in, @QuinnT and @Tony_Casey.

The gaps between tracks within an album are bothering me the most, and are the reason for calling in support. But indeed, I think too that gaps between tracks offered by roon radio or in playlists have increased. The cause of that could be something different, though, I don’t know.

I hope @support finds the time to look into this.

Surprise! Surprise! Today is a happy day for me, no delay at all on all playlists.
Interestingly, I have done nothing at all, so this indicates something external to my home network or Roon core?

I have the same problem as well. Playing the same recordings from Qobuz using Audirivana the tracks play as you’d expect.

Three days with no reply from Support. Let’s guess the first response will be something along the lines of “sincerest apologies” or “we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume”.

Fourteen days to get a response from Support:

Five days, no response:

FWIW I am seeing no such issues and never have with recent updates


I’ve tried two things, both only once, with one or two albums only!

When playing to another zone - a Samsung tablet (Android) - gaps were fewer and shorter, or absent.

When my DAC is off, the status bar is not going back and forth, suggesting playback is as it should be, meaning gapless.

@support @wes does this give you any clues?


Well, no such thing the second time around…

I’ve suffered (and continue suffering) from this issue for a long time. In my case it’s “time sensitive”, meaning it gets worse with both the length of the Roon session AND the time the previous song has been playing, It doesn’t happen if I let a full LP play non-stop, it does happen with playlists. I use a Mac Mini m1 and the issue improved a bit when the Apple Silicon version of Roon was launched, but now is crawling back. It dissapears if I restart Roon Core, but comes back after some time. I have reported the issue a long time ago, but still haven’t got a definitive solution


Thanks for adding your experience @Ricardo_Damborenea. There’s yet another thread about this or similar issues.

@support what information do you need, what can I try?

Thanks @Bluebeat
Yes support has all the info