70% of my music is not imported by Roon (Synology NAS)

Roon sees all my music files, but doesn’t import 70% of it. I read some topics of users who had the same issue, but didn’t find an answer in those topics. Please help,

Hello @Lourens_Feenstra,

Can you please describe your setup in details (use this FAQ topic as a guide)?

We would also like to know more about music you are trying to add to Roon: is it an iTunes Library or you are trying to add a folder from your NAS as a Watched folder in Roon?

What is the file format of the music files which Roon couldn’t import (here you can find info about supported file formats) ?

Thanks for patience and apologize for inconveniences.

Hello Vova,

thanks for your quick response. Please see below for my answers:

  •      WAV-files from a folder from a Synalogy DS 214 NAS (ripped and also purchased files) as a watched folder, All CD's are ripped with DBpoweramp in the WAVE format, all metadata is correct
  •      70% of the scanned music files are not imported Roon doesn't mentioned any corrupt or deleted   albums
  •      Latest version of Roon 1.1. (build 99)
  •      Pink Faun Audiostreamer from Triple M audio shop as device, Quadcore Pentium, Samsung 850evo SSD, Windows 8.1
  •      Router Sitecom N300X4 (last update of the firmware unknown??)
  •      All wired

Kind regards,


Thanks Lourens. Any multichannel files?

Does your import appear to be complete, meaning the spinner in the top-right (near search and bookmarks) has stopped spinning?

Would it be possible to upload a file or two that’s not importing somewhere like Dropbox, and PM me a link? If you don’t have a way to upload them, let me know and @vova and myself can give you some instructions for sending some files over.


  • not multichannel files
  • spinner has stopped spinning
  • I will ask Jord from Pink Faun for uploading a file


Hey @Lourens_Feenstra,

In addition to that, are you sure that the names of your files/folders don’t include such chars:
\ / : * ? " < > |

You should also take into the account that Windows has limitations of the file_path length: it should be within 260 chars

See dropbox for some file"s:

Anne Soldaat/Anne Soldaat: not imported by Roon
De Staat/I_Con: not imported by Roon
Dead Can Dance/Into the Labyrinth: imported by Roon

Hey @Lourens_Feenstra,

Would you mind sharing a dropbox link with me or @mike?

dropbox link shared with you and mike

is has to do with the sample size. This was set at 32 bit within dpoweramp. files with a sample size of 32 bit are not imported by Roon
Just ripped a CD with a sample size of 16 bit and it was imported by Roon.

Hi @Lourens_Feenstra – I’m unclear where you shared the Dropbox link, but it sounds like you figured this out – 32 bit files are not currently supported, so if you’ve been ripping CDs to 32 bit WAV files they won’t be imported into Roon.

Sorry for the trouble here!

thanks for the support.
Any idea when 32 bit files are being supported?

Hi @Mike,

I shared a 32 bit file with you (dropbox link). I heard from Jord Groen form Pink Faun that is should be possible to import 32 bit files.

Yes, we may add support for 32 bit files in the future, although I don’t have a timeline to share right now.