96khz > 48khz sample rate conversion

In the “Signal Path” section my 24bit file is shown to be converted to 48khz.


A beginner here seeking some education

Thank You

What is the hardware involved. Are you using a Chromecast or airplay end point?

Or Android or iOS?

Generally, no, not normal.

Can you show a screen shot of your signal path and Settings—>Audio?

Are you using any DSP?

Mac OS…

I don’t know enough about Google Cast to make a comment.

I guess you’re not using DSP?

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Im sorry I don’t see those as options with my device/speaker

not that I am aware of

should i be?

It seems many Non-Chromecast Audio devices report to Roon that they cannot handle “Hi_Res_Audio” or > 48k sample rate files, so, Roon gives them the audio at the standard Chromecast spec.

The workaround is only for devices that misreport their capabilities. Therefor I remove the Information about it from my previous post.

There’s no mention of 96 kHz support - actually no sample rate or bit depth information at all - on the web site of the manufacturer or the technical documents to your product.

So it’s save to say that only sample rates ≤ 48 kHz are supported.

No, I only asked about DSP in case something there was set wrong.

I also could find no informative specs. You might want to contact B&O directly.

It looks like one can’t do what you want, with your device.

Thank you
I couldnt find any info either

Finally got specs from B & O re: my speaker

This comes from B & O:

The technical specification of A9 regarding compatible audio formats:

WMA (No support for WMA Lossless)
FLAC, 8-192 kHz, 16 or 24 bits, 2 channels
ALAC, 8-192 kHz, 16 or 24 bits, 2 channels

Since A9 supports FLAC and ALAC, you shouldn’t need to downsample your audio files.

If there is anything else we can do for you, please contact us again.

Kind regards,

So back at square 1.
Any furthur thoughts on why Roon is down sampling my 24bit FLACS?

I don’t know anything about Google Cast, but I’m suspicious of it in your signal path.

Can you, as an experiment, connect using a different protocol?

I tried airplay and there was furthur downsampling.

Now that I know my speaker can handle the files is there another way of getting music to speaker?

Hmm, does A9 have optical? I can’ t make heads or tails out of the specs on their website.

Also, just to be sure, double check that you absolutely aren’t using any DSP. Can you take a screen shot of the DSP menu?