A Question About Compositions in Roon

While I was answering another question in the forum, I came up with one of my own:

I have four recordings of Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major BWV 1048 in my library, yet the Composition browser lists only three:

The one that is missing is the recording on Undercurrents:

I suspect that this is because the other three recordings are classified as a Work with three Parts (i.e. there are three tracks in the Work), whereas this missing recording is a single track.

What’s the best way to get Roon to recognise this single track as a recording of BWV 1048?

If push comes to shove, since I have this album in my local music library, I suppose I could tack on two extra tracks of 1 second silence after the existing track and use a metadata editor to assign Work and Part numbers, but is there a simpler way?

Already tried to turn-off “Only complete recordings”?


IDK, but I would possibly try to add the two missing parts (file with one work and three part tags) to the file first and see what happens?

Good thought, but that still hasn’t flushed this particular recording out of the woodwork, even though some other recordings (which are complete) are now showing up…

I tried adding the Work/Part tags to the file and rescanned the album - no change; still not showing up…

Is it a composition at all? Just because it shows a composer doesn’t necessarily mean Roon thinks so. Do you get a go to composition via the 3 dot track edit? If not, try re-identifying with a different version.

Nope - that’s the point. I only get a “Go to J. S. Bach” option. And there is no different version. I even tried altering the track title to match the composition title: “Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major BWV 1048” - no dice.

Then it’s the long standing no composition bug. It’s been known about for a long time.

If no other version to match against, then no solution unless you unidentify.

Hah! - unidentifying the album gets the composition straightaway… Thanks.
(files this away in his toolbox of tips and tricks)

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